Is it safe to use OKpay

Why is OkPay not allowed in the USA?

The United States requires that money transfer services be licensed under 31 USC 5330 in addition to state law. According to several online sources, including the thread referenced in MD-Tech's answer, OkPay cannot or will not be licensed so they are not available.

I thought about it a bit more because I found it interesting, and OkPay has other issues with the US and other regulators related to interacting with bitcoins, which is itself a hot potato for regulation right now and may explain the licensing problem. It seems to be under regulatory pressure in other countries too, by the way, so it's not necessarily an issue they are facing in the US. For some reason the problem is bigger here. Some interesting summary points:

In light of increasing pressure from US regulators on online money exchange, payment processor OKPay has announced that it will stop processing for all Bitcoin exchanges, including industry leader Mt. Gox.


Earlier this month, the US Department of Homeland Security seized Mt. Gox's account with mobile payment processor Dwolla on charges that the account violated Code 18 USC ยง 1960 by conducting an "unlicensed money transfer business".

It is unclear where the Bitcoin market falls under US law as the legality of Bitcoin transactions has not yet been reviewed in court and law enforcement has refused to comment on ongoing investigations such as the Dwolla case.

In March, the US Treasury Department announced that all companies trading the virtual currency would be classified as "money services companies" like everyone else. This means that they must hand over transaction information to the government and work to prevent money laundering.

In the UK it apparently also had problems with banking partners (citing an OkPay official regarding the change of bank provider):

The UK bank we used before has not made a final decision on whether or not to process transactions in favor of cryptocurrencies. The bank's compliance department has therefore asked us to restrict such transfers.

This apparently allowed them to reverse a policy in Britain:

OKPAY's policy change comes just months after it was mandated that GBP users check a box to ensure their money is not being spent on cryptocurrency, a feature that continues to inspire users.

I hadn't heard from this company before your question, but after doing some research I think that at least the part of this quote about language that is attributed to a user is true:

OKPAY are pretty paranoid about AML and another problem is that their supporters speak very poor English so their answers are often difficult to understand. Your support is slow too. However, in my experience they are an honest company.

I found at least one case where rumors that the entire company was going to close came down to a poorly translated message from the company.

Again, all I know is what I just read about this company, but it looked like there were a few red flags - the US issues are probably not the most important ones. This type of service is likely part of the future, but I'm not sure if I would be sending money through it now in its current state or in its organization and regulation.


I disagree with your answer as we work with OkPay and generally not with fraud. However, you took some time researching your conclusions and supported your opinion well. I appreciate what you found to deepen yourself. Many Thanks!