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Yussi Pick is campaign and communication consultant at Pick & Barth Digital Strategies in Washington D.C. and Vienna. In 2013 the US trade magazine "Campaigns and Elections" presented him with the "Rising Star Award". For p & k he reports on campaigning trends and buzz from Washington, D.C.


Column article by Yussi Pick

Donald Trump stumbles from one scandal to the next, while Hillary Clinton, largely undisturbed by the national media, advertises himself in the swing states. The US presidential election was over anyway ... read on
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Next round in the US election campaign: The first Republican television debate will take place on August 6th. The problem: there are too many candidates for it. With their solution of only inviting the ten of them who were in the polls ... read on
All claim to have it; nobody knows how to get it; or even what it actually is: political momentum. Continue reading
Lessons learned from Obama: Hillary Clinton has once again announced her candidacy for the US presidential election via YouTube. Unlike in 2008, this time she relies more on feeling than on presenting her political content ... read on
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The Republicans clearly scored in the midterm elections in the United States. President Barack Obama is heading for difficult times. However, the analysis of possible consequences shows: 2014 does not have to be an omen for 2016… read on
On November 4th, the Americans will go to the polls for the midterm elections. It's Obama's last election. It decides how much headwind he will face in the remaining two years of his term of office ... read on