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Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You removes Misty and Brock from the new canon

Pokémon-Veterans need to be on a couple of changes set: In the 20th film Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! The Pokémon Company writes the Canon of the franchise around.

The film represents a reinterpretation of Indigo League history from Ash's beginnings. But it looks as if it would be his two companions Misty and Brock not in the new version of the Pokémon-Create history. The two Characters have been deleted.

A comparison of two scenes from the original and the remake of Pokemon-Matome shows that Ash's friends seem to be completely removed from the new canon were.

Instead, he hits two new figures: Souji, a young trainer who Pokémon Want to become a professor and Makoto, also a young Pokémon trainer, who accompanies the two.

The fans are not thrilled

There are quite a few on Twitter PokémonFans not at all enthusiastic of Misty and Brock not showing up in the franchise's 20th anniversary film.

Ash: Misty and Brock who ?? pic.twitter.com/JXsqlYzkLo

- Red (@Incineroarz) July 8, 2017

サ ト シ 「ソ ウ ジ… マ コ ト? オ レ は オ マ エ ら な ん て 知 ら な い!」
マ コ ト 「な に い っ て る の? 私 達 ず っ と 一 緒 だ っ た じ ゃ な い!」
ソ ウ ジ 「ほ ら 、 先 月 や っ た 20 周年 パ ー テ ィ の 写真 だ」
サ ト シ 「!… で も オ レ は 確 か に 他 の 仲 間 と… タ ケ… カ ス… う ッ! 頭 が!」
ソ ウ ジ 「忠告 し て お く。 余 計 な こ と は 考 る な」 pic.twitter.com/HTQV84CSft

- ポ ケ モ ア (@ moa151) July 9, 2017

I agree. Misty and Brock were there from the jump. They needed to be there.

Also calling attention to 20 years and Ash is still 10.

- Josh Knighten (@KhakiBlueSocks) July 9, 2017

I think I dont care for the Pokemon anime anymore. The 20th anniversary movie writes out Misty and Brock, replacing them with 2 random kids.

- A Wild Abra (@AWild_Abra) July 8, 2017

Misty & Rocko only as a side note in the credits

Twitter user Alex Aniel has already seen the film and reports that Misty and Brock only appear in the credits, but not part of the new Indigo League story.

Just saw Pokémon I Choose You. See image for appearances / cameos (spoilers). pic.twitter.com/jYHizUqBsX

- Alex Aniel (@cvxfreak) July 6, 2017

Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! runs from 15th July 2017 in Japanese cinemas.

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