Where does the surname Steffan come from?

Wall sticker Steffen

Every family is unique! This also applies to yours. That is why there are matching wall tattoos with the name Steffen as decoration for the hallway and the front door. Whether as a simple font or a royal coat of arms with your own name, discover the many possibilities offered by the magical seven letters of your name.

Steffen surname monogram round

Steffen: family name as a round monogram

This idea comes up on the wall simply and elegantly. The Steffen monogram brings the family name into the apartment or as an alternative to the name tag in the stairwell. You can easily choose the colors for the round monogram here choose. By the way: The first letter S has been cut out of the back circle. The wall color can later be seen at this point.

Further design options with the name Steffen

Family Steffen coat of arms

Family Steffen coat of arms as a wall sticker

Decoration with added value for the walls of the Steffen family! The personal Steffen family coat of arms comes into the apartment with the capital letter S and the funny motto "A terribly nice family". There is an overview of the available sizes and color variants of the motif at this point for her.

Door sign Steffen as an ornament

Wall sticker door sign Steffen as an ornament

Clearly, the Steffen family lives here. With the XXL name badge for the apartment door, this fact can no longer be overlooked. For families with taste, the wall sticker door sign with name and ornament is a great decoration. It has been specially designed so that both the name and the size and color of the ornament and butterflies can be individually selected. On this page you can simply select the individual components yourself.

Steffen's surname

Wall sticker Steffen surname

You don't need more for the individual decoration! The wall sticker Steffen combines the last name and the first letter and is practical and decorative at the same time as a name tag. For the desired design, simply use the colors of the capital letter S and Steffen here choose individually.

Family coat of arms Steffen

Family coat of arms Steffen as a wall sticker

This coat of arms also offers creative options for wall design. The family coat of arms Steffen puts the surname and the first letter S on the walls or doors of the house. Whether as a name tag on the front door or as a creative coat of arms in the entrance area: Discover here the numerous variants of the motif with the funny family saying.

Ornate S with Steffen

Wall decal ornate S with Steffen

It is blooming in the Steffen's apartment. The beautiful flourishes and patterns of this motif grow creatively along walls and doors. Whether as an individual door decoration with your own name or as a wall motif in the hallway, the ornate S becomes an eye-catcher in combination with the name Steffen. Tip: The motif also becomes a beautiful, customizable wedding gift for all newlyweds named Steffen. Discover on this page the most beautiful colors for the ornament.

Last name Steffen in square monogram

Wall sticker last name Steffen in square monogram

The simpler, the more diverse. The monogram wall sticker has a neutral design and can therefore be used universally. The name Steffen is framed by a stylish rectangle in combination with the initial S. The self-adhesive monogram is suitable for families named Steffen as well as for individuals who want to individually design office doors, workplaces and the like.

Territory of Steffen

Wall sticker sovereign territory Steffen

We can almost hear the seagulls calling and smell the sea air! For all northern lights and sea fans there is the family logo Steffen Territory with two cute seahorses as heraldic animals. Also included: the big S in the porthole in the middle. Whether in maritime blue or another color, you can use the many colors for the wall sticker on this page see.

Ornament Steffen

Wall sticker ornament Steffen

Filigree tendrils and beautiful butterflies complete this large name tag. Whether for your own wall or as a creative gift for the Steffen family: The focus is of course on the name Steffen with the capital letter S. Discover the many possible combinations for color and size on this page and design your own name badge.

Steffen coat of arms

Steffen's coat of arms as wall tattoos - 4 different versions

1. Steffen family coat of arms with lions: Design your own coat of arms name wall decals! Whether as a family coat of arms with lions (more information on this page find) or in a different version: You can easily find out how the individual coats of arms with your own name Steffen look on this page. Let yourself be inspired!

2. Modern family coat of arms Steffen: The modern family coat of arms for the Steffen family's apartment offers a more discreet alternative to the ornate coat of arms. The coat of arms consists of a full coat of arms with the first letter S of the surname. Color and size can be of several variations on this page can be freely chosen.

3. Steffen's coat of arms with horses and year: The two horses look particularly good as coats-of-arms (Fig. Bottom left). And the individual coat of arms of the Steffen family has another highlight to offer: In addition to the initial letter S and your own surname as a wall tattoo, the year the family was founded can also be integrated into the coat of arms. Find out how that works here.

4. Steffen's coat of arms: You can put your own name Steffen in the limelight in every room of the apartment. With the Steffen noble coat of arms with a capital S (image below right) the wall becomes a royal eye-catcher. Simply determine the size and color of the customizable coat of arms yourself. Simply here click.

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