Has God forsaken humanity


"I only let you down for a moment, but with all my heart I will bring you back home."

Devotion to Isaiah 54, 7 by Pastor Bernd Stummvoll

Anyone who has got to know the feeling of being abandoned will listen carefully here. Anyone who longs for a home and would like to be “brought home” first listens. Others may be happy that their own life is finally no longer co-determined by the parental home or the “ex-former”. You will certainly react very differently to this offer.

There are three difficult thoughts for us here. On the one hand the framework of this promise, the prophet's word. A man (Isaiah) speaks claiming to be God's voice. Second: It presupposes that God really acts, moreover within global political reality. The occupation and deportation as well as the decades of supremacy of the Babylonians are said to owe Israel to God's strict hand, as well as the reunification with their own country. This is the third difficulty: God behaves or behaves like a parent or a spouse who punishes with withdrawal of love and rewards with care in order to raise his child or his counterpart.

Such ideas may seem bizarre to us if we look at them from a distance while we are well. However, many of our patients and people who have been entrusted with care could feel exactly the same: They feel abandoned by God in their condition. Perhaps it will also be up to us whether you will soon or at some point also be able to think the second part of the sentence: I am not forgotten forever.

I wish you yourself this second thought as your experience in Advent!

Sincerely yours, Bernd Stummvoll, pastor at the Schöneberg Senior Center