Why should we be concerned

Translation of "to be concerned" in Italian

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But first and foremost, the Member States should be about citizens, buyers and consumers be concernedwho have a right to effective protection.
Ma soprattutto, gli Stati membri dovrebbero preoccuparsi del cittadino comune, degli acquirenti e dei consumatori che hanno tutto il diritto di attendersi una tutela efficace.
Maybe it's the Mikaelsons because of me be concerned should.
I know you safe be concerned have to kill a man for the first time today.
If I was concerned I would ask what you have, but I am not, so I assume you have something. which means you should be concerned.
Fossi preoccupato, ti chiederei cos'hai, ma non lo faccio, perché presumo tu abbia qualcosa, il che vuol dire che tu devi eat preoccupato.
Indeed, we can only talk about the Taliban's recent offensives be concerned.
Signor Presidente, non possiamo che eat preoccupati a causa delle recenti offensive dei talebani.
So I think you all do the same be concerned should be like me.
And Lydia is the one we're about be concerned should.
We can both be concernedif you wanna tell me
Should I be above your level of obsession be concerned?
Devo iniziare a preoccuparmi per il tuo level di ossessione?
Sir, I don't know who to speak to, but it's nothing be concerned around.
Signore, non so con chi abbia parlato, ma non c'è nulla di cui preoccuparsi.
We really have to be concernedthat they open it?
We shouldn't be about the government or about lone fighters be concerned.
Not è del governo o dei vigilanti che dovremmo preoccuparci!
Should I be concernedthat you know how to build an electric chair?
Dovrei preoccuparmi che sappiate costruire una sedia elettrica?
You can't be concerned and write a song at the same time, right?
"Be concerned"is permanent for me.
But I should be concerned?
Should we talk about the Tuscany virus be concerned?
I can't ... can't be concerned.
I should because of that be concerned?
People are about their safety be concerned.
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