Are macarons hard or soft?

Chocolate macarons

What could have gone wrong with your macarons?

Why did your macarons get too dark?
You left them in the oven for too long.

Why are your macarons stained?
Either the baking time was too short or the egg white was too cold. try drying the macarons at 100 ° C until the stains are gone.

Why are your macarons cracked?
Your macarons haven't rested long enough for a crust not to form. Or there was still too much air in the dough.

Why do your macarons stick to the baking paper?
Because they have not yet baked or because they have not cooled down. When you take them out of the oven, they are still slightly sticky, but shortly afterwards they become harder and loosen without sticking.

Why don't your macarons have the typical little feet?
Because you worked the dough too vigorously or for too long.

Why aren't your macarons smooth on the surface?
Because you didn't sift the ground almonds.

Why do your macarons have a tip?
Because your dough is still a little too firm. To do this, tap your baking sheet several times on the worktop, so the tips collapse and you get a smooth surface.

Why are your macarons tough?
Because you baked them too long or too hot.

Why are your macarons soft and sticky?
Because you didn't bake them long enough or you didn't let them cool.