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As an extremely flexible ball joint, your hips can and would like to stretch into different angles and develop their full range of motion. However, if the individual muscle parts are not properly challenged and moved, the entire muscular-fascial area around the hips "freezes" more and more. Hip pain and osteoarthritis develop.

What can in the long run help with hip pain? Is it an artificial joint? If you've had these thoughts before, this is ours new explanatory video made for you. Pain specialist Roland Liebscher-Bracht will explain how using the model Hip pain really does arise and how to keep your hips healthy for a lifetime.

If you already suffer from hip pain, our free hip pain guide can help you to become more pain-free and more flexible again. There you will find many tips and beginner exercises to get your complaints under control with our proven bottleneck stretches.

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The best exercises and tips for hip pain

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