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Reserve a table at Disneyland Paris

Some restaurants in Disneyland Paris are so popular that long queues form in front of the door at typical meal times. So that you don't waste your time waiting, it is advisable to reserve a table in good time. You have various options: You can pick up the phone or make the reservation online. If you are already there, you can also have reservations made in the restaurant itself, with the concierge in your Disney Hotel, in the City Hall or with Studio Services.

Table reservation by phone
Reserving is very easy and can be made up to three months in advance. So if you have already thought about where you want to eat and at what time long before your trip to Disneyland, you can call the reservation hotline three months in advance: 0033 160 30 40 50

However, you cannot rely on being able to make your reservation in German. Because as soon as your call is answered, you can use the keypad of your telephone to choose whether you want to make the reservation in French (press 1) or in English (press 2). If you are very lucky, there is a cast member available at the other end of the line who also speaks German; However, this requires a good dose of luck.

Reserve a table online
For a while now, you have been able to reserve some restaurants at Disneyland Paris online. The best way to do this is to go to the restaurant overview on the PC (unfortunately a lot of things at Disney do not work particularly well on mobile devices) and scroll to the restaurant you want. If the "Reserve a table" button appears there, you can click it and you will be taken to the relevant form. There you can enter the date and the number of people, then search for the appropriate time in another field. If everything fits and a table is available at the desired time, you have to enter your personal details and after a few minutes you will receive a confirmation by email.
Unfortunately, this system is not yet fully developed and does not work properly. There are frequent error messages or reservations are not confirmed. So if you want to be on the safe side, pick up the phone.

A table reservation is especially recommended if you want to eat out with a larger group or if you want to be sure that you will definitely get a table in your favorite restaurant on a certain day at a certain time. It is also advisable to reserve a table in the high season, on public holidays or on weekends.
You can find an overview of the rush at Disneyland in our calendar, where you can also find out which restaurants in the two theme parks are open during your stay.

Of course, you don't have to plan so long in advance, you can only make a reservation for the restaurant when you arrive at the resort. You have various options on site to reserve a table.

Hotel reception
Simply contact the reception at your Disney Hotel. There you can state your wishes and a cast member will reserve the appropriate table for you.

City Hall or Studio Services
Depending on which park you are in, you can contact a cast member during the day in the City Hall or at Studio Services and make the appropriate reservation.

Right in the restaurant
If you pass the restaurant of your choice during the day, you can contact a member of staff at reception and reserve a table.