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Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are still in loveActor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr want to go their separate ways in the future.However, in an interview, Bloom said that he and Kerr are still in love.Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are parents to two-year-old Flynn.Actor Orlando Bloom has spoken out about the separation from his wife, top model Miranda Kerr.In an interview with U.S. journalist Katie Couric that was scheduled to air on Friday (local time), Bloom said, & quot; sometimes life doesn't go exactly as we plan or hope & quot; .He and Kerr were still in love, the 36-year-old emphasized.& quot; We will support and love one another as parents of Flynn & quot; .Kerr and Bloom have been married since 2010, their son Flynn was born in 2011.Jumbo manufacturers argue about seat width in the face of large ordersA dispute has erupted between leading aircraft manufacturers over the width of tourist class seats on long-haul flights, setting the tone for a bitter clash at the Dubai Airshow this month.The dispute revolves around seat widths offered to passengers on long, tourist-class flights - not always the ones airlines care about the most, but this designated space is key to the efficiency claims on the latest Airbus SAS and Boeing aircraft Co. represent.Airbus this week called for an industry standard that requires a minimum of 46 cm (18 inches) in tourist class seat width, but US arch-rival Boeing says airlines should decide that.The dispute comes at a time when aircraft manufacturers are vying to sell even larger versions of their twin-engine long-haul aircraft and expect record orders at the event, November 17-21.How the rear part of the aircraft is designed - especially whether there are rows with nine or ten seats - is decisive for the stated economic results that the new "mini-jumbo" design is supposed to deliver.Boeing claims its upgraded "777X" can hold 406 people in tourist class seats that are over 17 inches wide, allowing for ten per row.Airbus says the competing version of the A350 carries 350 people in 18-inch-wide tourist class seats, with nine per row.Aircraft giants often blow out technical details through advertising in the trade press.Airbus is now appealing directly to the public ahead of the Dubai Airshow, where the 777X is expected to make the race with over 100 orders.The company recently launched an ad that could mark the beginning of a new advertising war that showed funders a picture of three people squeezed together in a restaurant, and the title, "Would you accept that?""Boeing proposes long-haul flights in seats that are narrower than regional turbo props," says Airbus sales director John Leahy.People are getting fatter as eating habits change, but airplane seats haven't changed radically.Between the early 1970s, when the Boeing 747 defined modern long-haul travel, and the end of the century, the weight of the average American male between 40 and 49 years old increased 10 percent, according to data from the US Department of Health.The average American male waist circumference of the 21st century is 100.8 cm according to US health statistics.Airbus says its rival is sticking to a seating concept from the 1950s, when the average body size of the newly christened "jet set" was narrower.According to Airbus, studies have been carried out which have shown that an additional inch (2.54 cm) per seat increases the quality of sleep by 53 percent.Boeing denies Airbus' seat dimensions figures, saying it is not at the discretion of manufacturers to decide how airlines balance airfares and facilities.The company also says research has shown that the airplane experience depends on more than the seat width."It really boils down to giving airlines the flexibility to do what they think they need to do to be successful," said Boeing cabin expert Kent Craver.They don't want us to dictate what makes them profitable.They know their business better than anyone.For passengers it is about more elbow room, but for manufacturers it is increasingly becoming an issue that can have an impact on sales.Behind the dispute is a race for aircraft orders with an estimated volume of at least 700 billion US dollars at list prices in the coming decades, which could have a lasting effect on the export balance of the USA or Europe.As Reuters first reported in July, the seat layout is the driving force behind the dispute over the new jets.Both Airbus and Boeing claim 20 percent more efficiency per seat in their latest twin-engine long-haul designs than the market leader in this segment, the 365-seat Boeing 77-300ER.Boeing's statements on the results depend in part on comparing the 777X, with its ten seats per row, to the original design of nine seats in the 777.The increased cost per unit is still less than currently used machines with ten seats per row."That's why Boeing is squeezing more seats into its aircraft to make it more competitive with our products," says Kevin Keniston, head of passenger comfort at European Airbus.On the other hand, analysts say full cabins with ten seats per row on existing 777s indicated that many passengers are opting for the closer arrangement, which could come with cheaper airfare."Eighteen inches of seat width would be great for passengers, but the reality is, from an economic point of view, the threat posed by the 777 drives the Airbus offering," said Mary Kirby, cabin interiors expert, founder and editor of Runway Girl Network.Airbus and Boeing do not offer seats, but a catalog of suppliers from which the airlines can choose.The world-traveling jet sellers even carry a tape measure with them to measure the facility at the competition.Even if they advertise comfort, all manufacturers also offer high-density jets for low-cost airlines and regional flights.Airbus offers an A350 with ten-seat rows, but has not yet sold one according to its own statements.Until recently, Airbus emphasized the importance of more adaptability in the cabins and offered wide aisle seats for some jets.Without the support of the only other manufacturer of large modern jets, experts say the call for a new industry standard is likely to fizzle out, but could detract from the wave of 777X sales.The FAA relaxes restrictions on the use of electronic devices in airplanes - even if using a cell phone remains prohibited.Fighter planes attack a depot of Russian missiles in the port city of Latakia, it was officially announced.This appears to be a continuation of the Israeli campaign to prevent the spread of weapons in the Middle East.Federal appeals court blocks decision of a judge according to which the controversial tactics of the NYPD discriminate against minorities.Almost 100 African immigrants who wanted to enter Algeria died of thirst after two trucks were stuck in the middle of the Sahara.Experts say the violent crime that killed 14 adults and seven children was nothing but coincidence and not a sign of increasing violence in America.Instead of being unsettled by the insolvency of the US government, investors focused on what probably matters more: the Federal Reserve.The Californian plans to challenge what may be the first such summons, on the grounds that the glasses connected to the Internet make it easier to navigate.Police say they have a video allegedly showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking a crack pipe.Even close allies keep secrets from one another - and try everything to find out what is being withheld.The Vatican wants to know how Catholic parishes around the world are dealing with sensitive issues such as contraception, divorce and gay couples.Seriously injured after a collisionEarly on Friday afternoon, two drivers were seriously injured in a head-on collision on Landesstrasse 44 near Revensdorf.The police immediately closed the street completely, but initially could not say much about the accident.However, there are various testimonies that should first be evaluated.What is certain is that the 19-year-old driver of a VW Golf drove towards Revensdorf and the 38-year-old man from Gettorf met her with his Hyundai.Both vehicles collided, with the woman trapped so badly that it took the fire brigade just under half an hour to free her from the wrecked vehicle.The actual cause of the accident initially remained unclear.Both casualties were taken to nearby hospitals.The route remained completely closed for about two hours.Fire brigade called to rescue a dog that was trapped 15 meters above the ground on a dangerous ledge in a quarryCocker spaniel bitch Ruby ran away after a minor traffic accidentThree days later she was discovered in her predicament by a walker in the quarryFirefighters roped down on the rock face and saved the dog from certain deathThe fire brigade managed to get a puppy to safety that was stuck on a 15 meter high ledge in a rock wall.Nine-month-old Cocker Spaniel dog Ruby ran away after a traffic accident on Sunday afternoon and survived alone for three days before being rescued from a quarry on Wednesday.Scott Alderson, 25, and his friend Becky Hall, 20, who owns the dog, came to Flappit Quarry in Denholme, West Yorkshire to welcome Ruby back and thank the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service firefighters.They were desperately looking for their missing dog and published calls for help on social networks when she escaped into the quarry after the small traffic accident.Around 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday, a walker who was walking his dog saw Ruby stranded on the 15-meter landing in the quarry.The technical rescue team from the Cleckheaton Fire Station rushed to the spot and rappeled down to rescue Ruby, who was then transported upstairs in a dog crate.Andy Clayton, Technical Rescue Specialist, said: "She was in a dangerous position.It was in the middle of the rock face - 15 meters from the top and the bottom.She didn't move a muscle during her rescue - she was frozen stiff.But now she is fine.She then ate some dog biscuits.That was a pretty unusual mission.The fact that the dog was discovered is incredible.Peter Lau, specialist in the technical rescue team, said: "Ruby was very lucky."There was a possibility that she was badly injured or worse.Ruby was taken to the vet for a checkup, but the vet found nothing but exhaustion and dehydration.Becky Hall of Halifax, West Yorkshire said, "Watching the rescue be scary."I couldn't believe she was really up there.It was wonderful to hold her again.The vet explained that if she had become too exhausted and collapsed, she would probably have crashed.The firefighters have done a great job.It was really brave what they did.We're just so grateful and each of them was absolutely amazing.Scott Alderson of Keighley added, "We were afraid it would fall, but it stayed up."The firefighters were great.I can’t believe where she was.Report: Obama campaign considered replacing Biden with Hillary ClintonPresident Barack Obama's closest advisers have been secretly considering replacing Vice President Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton in the 2012 election campaign, according to the New York Times.The unveiling is the most notable surprise of the long-awaited work by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on the 2012 election campaign, "Double Down: Game Change 2012".The Times has a copy of the forthcoming book, and it reported Thursday night that the president's top advisors held "extensive group meetings and polls in late 2011" to see if Obama's dwindling hope of re-election would look better for Obama's dwindling hope of re-election if he fell Biden let.According to Jonathan Martin, the Times national affairs correspondent, the book thoroughly traces the history of efforts by campaign leaders and the White House, including former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, to measure the effect it has on poll numbers to swap former Secretary of State Clinton for the Vice President.