Who is India's best friend

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor has died

Kapoor was recently rushed to a hospital in Mumbai with difficulty breathing and died Thursday morning, his family announced. He entertained the doctors and health workers to the end.

Actor Akshay Kumar wrote on Twitter: "He was a legend, a great co-star and a good family friend." India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote: "Diverse, lovable and lively ... that was Rishi Kapoor."

The diagnosis of blood cancer came in 2018. Then Kapoor was treated in New York for almost a year and returned to Mumbai last summer.

Kapoor came from a family of actors, producers and theater personalities. He began his career as a child in a film made by his father. Kapoor received an important award for best child actor for his role. When he first took on the male lead in a teenage love story in the 1970s, he became known to Indian audiences as a heartthrob. Over the next 20 years, he played the romantic hero in dozens of other films.

With increasing age he played more varied roles, for example a human trafficker in "Agneepath" (2012). His career lasted five decades.

He leaves behind his wife, daughter and son, who is also a well-known Bollywood actor himself. Bollywood star Irrfan Khan ("Slumdog Millionaire") died on Wednesday at the age of 53, also of cancer.

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