How is the US President compensated

Compensation for spreading the coronavirus : Trump wants to hold China "accountable"

US President Donald Trump may want Compensation from China for the corona pandemic claim. His administration is currently examining how Beijing can be "held accountable" for the spread of the corona virus, Trump said in Washington on Monday. He did not comment on the amount of compensation his government could ask for. Trump said it was a "very substantial" sum.

Trump has repeatedly criticized China for its handling of the corona virus. In the meantime, he spoke of the "Chinese virus" because the pathogen was first detected in a person in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Washington mainly accuses Beijing of a lack of transparency at the beginning of the crisis.

"We are not happy about China," said Trump now. The spread of the virus could have been stopped quickly "at the source", he stressed. Trump commented on the corona crisis during a press briefing, which the White House first canceled and then started again.

The president questioned a continuation of his daily briefings at the weekend after experiencing a PR debacle with statements about the possible treatment of sick people by injecting disinfectant or light exposure. The statements caused ridicule on the Internet and astonishment among experts. Doctors issued an urgent warning against swallowing detergents.

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Trump himself later asserted that his statements were meant "sarcastically" and attacked the media. In his press appearance on Monday, the president said that the USA had survived the worst of the corona crisis. The situation is getting "better" every day. Trump also predicted an "incredible" economic recovery in his country in the coming year.

Background to the coronavirus:

Nevertheless, Trump now also expressed the expectation that many schools in the country would open again in the foreseeable future. It would be a "good thing" if lessons continued before the end of the school year, he said. It seems as if young people get through the crisis "very well" - Trump apparently meant that the consequences of the infection are generally less severe for young people.

However, the decision-making authority for the schools lies in the hands of the states, as Trump himself made clear.

The president also rejected the suspicion of his likely election challenger Joe Biden that he was seeking to postpone the presidential election scheduled for early November. He "never" thought of postponing the election date. Such suspicions are "propaganda". (AFP)

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