What does unhealthy air quality mean

iOS 12: Warnings about "unhealthy air quality" irritate users

Apple's weather app is to provide prominent information from iOS 12 on "unhealthy air quality" or "unhealthy air for sensitive groups". However, the warning is displayed almost permanently in many cities in Germany, without it being clear where the data come from and what exactly they mean. In addition, confusion is caused by the fact that Apple's Siri language assistance system provides different information on request.

The iOS 12 weather app also lists a new value for "Air Quality Index", which, however, does not match the information from The Weather Channel, which serves as the data source for Apple's weather app.

Weather app thinks air is "unhealthy", but Siri is "appropriate"

In Cologne, for example, the weather app warns of unhealthy air for sensitive groups on Thursday morning and lists an air quality index of "42".

The Weather Channel, on the other hand, describes the air quality in Cologne as "good". If the user asks Siri about the air quality in Cologne, he receives the answer that it is "good", but at the same time a nitrogen dioxide value of "42" is given without describing this information in detail. According to the Weather Channel data, the NO2-Value in Cologne but at 28 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

The same phenomenon can be observed in other cities: For example, Siri issues a health warning for Munich and states a nitrogen dioxide value of 117, in contrast to this, The Weather Channel states 21 micrograms per cubic meter and also describes the air quality in the Bavarian capital as "good". According to Siri, the air quality in Berlin is "appropriate", but Apple's weather app describes it as "harmful to health".

Apple is silent

A question from Apple about where the data comes from and what it means has so far remained unanswered. The different information in various places in the operating system indicate that there is a bug.

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