How to develop software

Every third company develops its own software

  • Every fourth company employs software developers

Berlin, February 27, 2017 - Every third company (33 percent) in Germany develops its own software. This was the result of a representative survey on behalf of the Bitkom digital association among 503 companies with 20 or more employees. Among the large companies with 500 or more employees, as many as 64 percent program their own software. "Software is the basis of almost all operational processes and the basis of new, digital business models," said Bitkom Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Rohleder. “Cloud applications, standard software or even individual software can be used. Even so-called embedded systems can be bought in - you don't have to do everything yourself. ”According to the survey, one in four companies (26 percent) say they want to develop more of their own software in the future as a result of digitization. Among large companies with 500 or more employees, the figure is 41 percent. "Whether it is about the interactive functions of websites, the opening of an online shop or modern data analysis in production: you need software everywhere," said Rohleder. In addition to developing new applications, standard software would have to be adapted to individual needs in companies.

According to the results of the survey, every fourth company (24 percent) in Germany employs software developers. After all, 15 percent state that they want to hire additional software specialists as a result of digitization. From Bitkom's point of view, on the one hand, it is important to have your own software expertise in the company. In addition, companies should have access to external resources for software development. "Cooperation with software providers, IT service providers or independent programmers make it possible to cover the respective needs," said Rohleder. In addition to programming and maintaining software, it is important to develop a deeper understanding of digital technologies. Advances in artificial intelligence, the processing and evaluation of large amounts of data using big data methods, the development of autonomous vehicles or 3D printing are largely based on software. "Digital competence is also software competence," emphasized Rohleder.

Methodological note: The information is based on a survey carried out by Bitkom Research. 503 managing directors and board members from companies with 20 or more employees were interviewed. The survey is representative of the overall economy.