What is it like to travel alone

Travel alone - 10 reasons to finally do it

Alone on a jeep tour in Thailand

Traveling alone - are you scared of it, or don't you dare? Are you afraid that others will look at you crookedly when you are alone on a plane, in a restaurant or on the beach? You do not have to. On the contrary: Being on your own is often much cooler and has many advantages. Traveling alone can even make you happy.

Benefits of traveling alone

1. You don't have to compromise

Imagine you want to see and discover a lot on the go, but you are on vacation with someone who is just lying on the beach and frying in the sun (or vice versa). Either everyone does everything for themselves, or you have to compromise and do things that you don't even want to. Stupid, right? When you travel alone you can do what you want. You don't have to be considerate of anything or anyone.

2. You get to know people faster

I was once on La Gomera for four weeks. And was scared of sitting alone in the restaurant in the evening, simply being lonely on vacation. The opposite was the case. After a week I had an exciting vacation affair and two new, good friends who, like me, came from Berlin. The friendship still exists today. I wasn't bored for a minute on La Gomera. So, advantage number two when traveling alone: ​​You get to know people faster. Provided, of course, that you are open to it.

3. You are (more) interesting to others

Do you think you are of no interest to others when you travel alone? You are wrong Think about it. You're sitting in a restaurant. Next to you, a table with a couple who is enough for themselves. Somebody is sitting alone at the next table. Where do you prefer to look longer? I look at the person sitting alone. Because it's brave to sit alone in a restaurant. Traveling alone attracts attention, is interesting to others, and gives you respect on top of that.

4. You organize your time yourself

You are an early riser, but your companion is not. Or the other way around. Stupid when one of you hangs around for hours with a growling stomach and wants to have breakfast, but the other doesn't. When you travel alone, you can sleep, have breakfast, eat or go for a walk, go on trips or lie on the beach whenever you want. You organize your time yourself.

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5. You decide about the money

When you travel alone, you choose the money. If you want to stay in slightly more expensive hotels or go to a good restaurant, just do it. If you travel with someone who has less money than you, you have to do without a lot. The same applies in reverse, of course. Then you may be forced to live beyond your means on vacation and have lousy things on your account after your trip.

6. You have your peace

Have you always been on vacation with your partner, family or friends? Weren't there any discussions or even arguments? When you travel alone, you have your peace and quiet and can only concentrate on yourself and your needs.

Beach walk on Koh Chang

7. You set the pace

Would you like to have a quiet coffee and breakfast in the morning before the day starts? You don't want to run from sight to sight, but also want to rest or have time to take photos? You don't want to rush up the mountain, but want to walk slowly? When you travel alone, you set the pace. Nobody can rush you.

8. Nobody bothers you

I've been on vacation with a lot of people in my life. Sometimes I couldn't sleep because my companion snored loudly at night. Or I couldn't kick in the hotel room because things were lying around everywhere. Or it bothered me that the shower was full of hair. Whatever it is - when you are alone, nothing and nobody can bother you.

9. You eat and drink whatever and whenever you want

It is well known that when it comes to eating and drinking, tastes (and moods) differ. One person likes to eat meat and drink alcohol, the other is vegan and abstinent. And that's where the problem often starts on vacation. When you travel alone, you can eat and drink whatever and whenever you want.

Chilling on White Sand Beach on Koh Chang (Thailand)

10. Conclusion: Traveling alone makes you happy

I had the greatest feelings of happiness when traveling when I was traveling alone. Because I could do and see what I wanted, no one talked me into it, and I could concentrate fully on myself while on vacation. The vacations I have traveled alone, especially to Thailand, have been the best of my life. I didn't mind not being able to share my impressions with anyone. I had myself!

3 disadvantages of traveling alone

As with anything and everything, there are of course disadvantages when traveling alone:

1. Solo travel is more expensive

You can't share the cost of an overnight stay with anyone. In many hotels * single rooms cost almost the same as double rooms. If you take a double room, you usually pay for two - regardless of whether you sleep in it alone or as a couple. Also more expensive for single travelers are, among others. Taxi rides, rental cars and tour guides.

2. Women traveling alone are at greater risk of sexual harassment

When I was a teenager in Italy, a guy grabbed my chest. Fortunately, I have never been sexually harassed since then while traveling. If you travel as a woman in pairs, as a group or, of course, with a man, the risk of being turned on, sexually harassed or even raped is significantly lower.

3. If you are seriously ill or have an accident, you have the A ... card as a single traveler

If something happens to you while traveling, if you suddenly become seriously ill or have an accident, it can cost your life if you have no one to help you. But that is the worst case, and it can ultimately also occur when you are alone at home.