Why do artificial sweeteners cause weight gain?

Both sugar and short-chain fatty acids, however, lead to obesity in excessive amounts.

Dr. However, Elinav and his team not only analyzed the behavior of the mouse intestinal flora for sweeteners, but also the data from 381 (still) healthy people.

Those study participants who stated that they regularly consume sweeteners not only weighed more. Her glucose metabolism and the intestinal flora were also disturbed.

Seven volunteer test subjects then agreed to ingest the maximum amount of the sweetener saccharin specified by the US food authority. After just one week, four of them developed an impaired glucose metabolism.

These results were also reflected in the stool samples of the test persons: The four test persons, whose glucose metabolism was disturbed, also showed changes in the intestinal flora.

Sweeteners: health risk from the laboratory

Most sweeteners are developed in laboratories, they are man-made chemical substances.

They are commercially available as a sugar substitute, but are also added to numerous foods. They are particularly common in convenience foods and so-called "diet" products.

In the list of ingredients you can recognize sweeteners by the abbreviations E 950 to E 962.

Although more and more studies prove the opposite, countless nutrition experts and even scientific institutes still claim that synthetic sweeteners are absolutely harmless and can be easily integrated into a healthy diet.

Healthy sugar

If you want to lose weight or reduce your risk of diabetes, you should therefore under no circumstances resort to artificial sweeteners or products that contain such sweeteners.

Eating a diet free of isolated carbohydrates (sugar, white flour) is the only way to keep blood glucose levels permanently low in a healthy way.

Find out not only about a healthy diet, but also about really healthy and actually harmless sugar alternatives, such as: B. the following:

And if you should not manage to limit your sugar consumption, then this article will help you to overcome your apparently existing sugar addiction:

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