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Why do we use your personal data?

At your request, we will process your personal data in order to send you promotions from us and other brands of the H&M Group.

How do we use your personal data?

We will tell you, either by email or text message, or through your customer account with us, where our promotions are displayed in your web browser. If you're a user of a social media platform, you might even see this information in your feed. In order to be able to recognize you on these different platforms, we use your name and your e-mail address. If you have chosen to receive advertising via SMS, we will use your phone number to communicate with you.

To make the experience even more relevant to you, we may personalize the content before we send it to you based on what we know (or think we know) about your interests and preferences. Personalization is done by analyzing and predicting aspects of your interests, preferences, behaviors, etc. using a combination of personal information such as personal information and purchase history, as well as information obtained from third parties.

For social media advertising, we use the target group definitions provided by the provider of the social media platform. We use audience definitions based on general demographic details, behaviors, interests and contexts. We may also use data from website "cookies" (first party and third party cookies), pixels and plugins, and similar technologies that track your clicks and preferences from the websites you have recently visited. To keep up to date on the use of "cookies", take a look at our cookie policy.

Who has access to your personal data?

We can share your personal data within the H&M group.

If necessary, the data is also exchanged with third party communication providers, media agencies and technical suppliers for analysis, content creation and distribution.

In order to be able to offer you promotions in your personal social media feed, we will use listing services such as Custom Audience. To do this, we compare your contact details, e.g. e-mail address, with social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat, etc. We will use a hashing technique to ensure that your data is safe. Each social media or communication service provider is responsible for its own personal data processing activities.

Unless expressly stated herein, we do not pass on your data to third parties, do not sell them or exchange them with third parties.

What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?

The processing of your personal data is based on your consent when you agree to receive promotions from us and other brands of the H&M group.

How long do we keep your data?

We will not use your personal data any longer than necessary. Personal data that is collected and used solely for the purpose of sending you promotions will be deleted if you withdraw your consent or request deletion.

However, we can continue to store and use your data if we still have outstanding obligations to you or if we cannot delete them for other reasons, e.g. B. if you have an open order or outstanding receivables.

Your right to withdraw your consent

If you no longer wish to receive any further promotions, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Alternatively, you can prohibit us from sending you promotions via your social media feed by changing the privacy settings of the social media platform.

Notwithstanding the above, we will stop sending promotions on your channels if you have not opened any emails from us in the past year.

How can I withdraw my consent?

You have three options for withdrawing your consent;
Follow the instructions in every email
Edit the settings in your brand account


Contact customer service at [email protected]

You can find our full data protection declaration here.