How the control system is used

 All Star Universal heat sealers can be equipped with a number of different control options.

The impulse sealing process involves heating the material to be sealed above its melting point, pressing the two layers together, and cooling to create a tight seal. The better the welding temperature and time as well as the cooling temperature can be controlled, the better and more stable the finished seal will be. Seals that are not made with sufficient heat or time may look tight, but may come loose when pressure is applied. Seals that are not adequately cooled look melted and are weaker than those that have been able to cool properly under pressure. Seals that are not made with enough pressure can easily come off or look melted, even with sufficient heat and cold. To avoid unauthorized changes to the sealing parameters, the MkVI and MkVI C controls are equipped with an integrated key lock. The Star ARTICS and Medical controls are password-protected on several levels, which supports the validation process control.

Star pouch sealers and vacuum sealers give you the option of four different controls available for most of our machines. The MkVI control is installed as standard (with the exception of the medical vacuum sealer). Like most impulse sealing devices, a welding and a cooling process are used here (the element heats up during the welding process and switches off during the cooling process). In contrast to most heat sealing devices, welding and cooling times are displayed to within a tenth of a second, and the control system also includes a program to compensate for the development of heat.

The MkVI C enables the welding and cooling temperatures to be set. This enables automatic adjustment in the event of problems caused by the development of heat. The element is heated until it reaches welding temperature and then switches off. The jaws open when the cooling temperature has been reached. This allows the material to sit properly before it is removed.

The Star ARTICS control even goes one step further. The heating element is heated up to the welding temperature and maintains the set temperature for the set time. The element is then cooled to a specific temperature or for a specific time, depending on the application. There is also a pre-heating option that allows the machine to heat the element to a set temperature when not in use. When used with a medical vacuum machine, the ARTICS also controls the vacuuming and gas purging times.

The Star Medical control has the same properties as ARTICS plus a measurement and control function for the welding pressure, an independent second temperature control (if a second element is used) and the possibility of saving the sealing cycle data for upload to a computer. When used with a medical vacuum sealer, the Star Medical control also controls the vacuum and gas purging levels in mbar.