How can I buy jib cranes

SnowRunner: get a crane and operate it

Where do you get the crane in SnowRunner from? How can you buy a jib crane or a telescopic crane? That is a question that will certainly occupy one or the other player of the new terrain simulation called SnowRunner on the PC, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. In SnowRunner you can gradually unlock around 40 vehicles from well-known manufacturers and thus master various challenges. The individual vehicles can be improved and modified again in the workshop. For example, you can build a jib crane or a large telescopic crane on a truck. The only question is, how does it work exactly?

Buy a crane attach to the truck

To get a crane, all you have to do is take the truck to the workshop and select the "Customize" option there. At the bottom of the upgrades you can find the frame additions and here, in addition to various superstructures and tanks, there is also a jib crane and a telescopic crane. Depending on which truck it is, there are more or fewer frame accessories to choose from.

Operate and control the crane

If you've built a crane on the truck, you can of course use it. To do this, you drive the truck to the appropriate place where you want to lift something. Then you press the control pad upwards and can then switch to crane mode using the square button (PS4) or the X button (Xbox One). The crane can now be turned and extended or retracted using the analog stick. The crane can be raised and lowered using the front shoulder buttons. If you are over an object such as a container, you can hook it onto the A button.

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