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Android 3.0: Google releases developer preview

Google has released a first preview of the Android 3.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers. This means that the first apps can already be designed for the new operating system, which was specially designed for tablets. At the same time, it was summarized which innovations home users and developers can look forward to. Above all, this includes the user interface, which has been completely redesigned and is intended to offer a "holographic" experience. The apps that were developed for older Android versions also benefit from the new design.

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An important component of the new user interface is the so-called system bar. It is located at the bottom of the screen and offers access to notifications, the system status and various navigation elements. If content, e.g. videos, is displayed in full screen mode, the system bar disappears automatically.

The new homescreen from Android 3.0

At the top of the screen you will find the so-called Action Bar, which, in contrast to the bar at the bottom of the screen, does not stay the same. The functions shown vary depending on the app and are therefore determined by the application. The Action Bar should be a central point where you can find the most important functions of an app.

New keyboard and copy & paste

There will also be a redesigned keyboard that will make entering text on larger screens easier and more accurate. When marking and copying text, you will also find new control elements that are supposed to work more precisely. The Android developers have also worked on new interfaces that allow keyboards and cameras to be connected. The Media / Photo Transfer Protocol provides access to the stored images.

The new camera app

The pre-installed standard applications have been adapted for the larger screen of tablets. There are also new functions. The browser now supports incognito sessions, for example, and several tabs are displayed next to each other as usual on the desktop PC. The email and contacts apps have been redesigned so that multiple pieces of information fit on the display at the same time. This was realized through a multi-column view.

The new contacts app

The developers of apps get extensive new possibilities to design their small applications optically and functionally. Google provides an overview in the Android 3.0 SDK highlights.

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