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"I had a rustling in my ear for a week and went to the doctor to have a look." So Kathie Melua on her Instagram page. The British pop star lived with a spider in his ear for a week.

The doctor found the spider in the ear canal of the 30-year-old and freed the singer from the crawling animal. Melua posted the video of the liberation campaign - just in time for Halloween - on her Instagram page.

In 2005 the singer, who was born in Georgia, had a hit called "Spider's Web."

"We would all fail at the first casting without singing or sounding," said the 69-year-old with a view to the numerous singing competitions on television. "We have long since ceased to fit into the desired scheme," the rock star told the newspaper "Sonntag aktuell" .

Ian Gillan became known as the singer of the rock band "Deep Purple" and celebrated with her the greatest successes in the seventies. Gillan has also appeared in several other rock bands.

Page played the guitar on the recording of the title track of the 1964 agent thriller - before he achieved world fame with the rock band Led Zeppelin. With "IV" and "Houses of The Holy" Page has just released the second batch of newly mixed albums by the cult rockers. That the band will one day be back on stage together is "still unlikely," said the 70-year-old. So far, singer Robert Plant in particular has refused to make a comeback. Even without him, Page wants to play "old and new material - everything I'm known for" live again in the coming year.

Led Zeppelin had its greatest success in the seventies. In 1980, after the death of drummer John Bonham, the band broke up. In 2007 a unique reunion concert took place in London. There were 20 million interested parties for the 20,000 cards. The band's most famous song is "Stairway To Heaven."

Whether together with Art Garfunkel or solo, Paul Simon has had a lasting influence on the history of pop and rock music. The dozen Grammys he has earned alone testify to that. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, USA is devoting an exhibition to his incredible career.

It shows many personal items such as Simon's first acoustic guitar, the recording contract from Simon & Garfunkel and a document with a few lines of the hit "The Boxer", which he wrote by hand.

In addition to the more than 80 pieces, visitors get to hear the musician themselves. Part of the "Paul Simon: Words & Music" retrospective is that the musician guides through the various rooms in audio commentary. The exhibition opens exactly 50 years after Simon and Garfunkel released their debut album "Wednesday Morning, 3 AM". That was a flop at first, two years later the re-release of the long player landed at number 30 on the Billboard charts.

Yusuf aka Cat Stevens has just released his third studio album after his comeback. It says "Tell 'Em I'm Gone". He wanted to release his alternative rhythm and blues self, says the British pop star. "Tell 'Em I'm Gone" contains five new songs and five cover versions. The British singer-songwriter has returned to the sources of his music. He got his first inspiration from the blues, says Yusuf / Cat Stevens, as the artist, who converted to Islam in 1977, now wants to be called. In the eponymous "Tell 'Em I'm Gone" there is also a classic: "Take This Hammer", which was recorded by folk blues legend Leadbelly, among others. The album is a tribute to the great masters of the blues:

"Even as a teenager I listened to rhythm and blues, the little black wax discs from the USA influenced me: Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry. Those were the first songs I learned on the guitar, on a fire escape when I was supposed to be in class as an art student. It's great to follow the roots of this music - it brings you to its core. " Yusuf / Cat Stevens

The album was produced by Rick Rubin, who already worked successfully with the late Johnny Cash. It sounds handmade and reduced to the essentials. In songs like "I'm Raised In Babylon" or "Editing Floor Blues", Yusuf / Cat Stevens alludes to his own biography and growing up in London's West End. With "Dying To Live", a song by Johnny Winter, he pays homage to the white blues musician who died this year.

"It's a boy!" Robbie Williams tweeted the news straight from the delivery room. The British pop star has become a father again. He already has a two-year-old daughter with his wife Ayda Fields. On Thursday, Williams also announced the name of his son: Charlton Valentine Williams.

"Charlton Valentine Williams has left the building ... And dad is just fine," he cheered the world over the short message service Twitter. Robbie Williams had followed his partner with humorous videos and tweets right through to the birth. "Thank you for sharing our path. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy," tweeted the 40-year-old. All Monday, the singer had posted short video clips showing him in front of his pregnant wife's bed - apparently from a hospital. The singer, known for his irony, also sings. "Can you stop singing 'Frozen", "says Ayda.

Williams announced in April that his daughter Theodora Rose would soon be a big sister. It remained unclear when exactly the recordings came and whether they were taken in California, where the couple mostly lives.

Robbie Williams has been married to Turkish-American actress Ayda Fields since August 2010. Their daughter Theodora Rose was born in London in 2012.

"In the east not everything was bad, just like in the west not everything was good," said the Leipziger in an interview with the Catholic news agency (KNA).

It is important not to deny people their identity. With a view to the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the singer said that the fall of the Wall "turned him on politically". Like many other people in the GDR, he noticed that "you can influence something and help shape it. That it is not just those up there who decide what to do. And that they cannot simply let others bludgeon".

Krumbiegel is critical of the assertion of the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl that it was not the people who brought the wall down, but the poor economic situation in the east. The citizens of the GDR had an incredible amount of courage and energy back then. "The people on the street have set the course."

Krumbiegel was born in Leipzig in 1966. He sang in the world-famous St. Thomas' Choir and later studied drums and singing. Before the fall of the Wall he played in rock bands, in 1991 he and his colleagues founded the a cappella and pop group "Die Prinzen"

Jack Bruce turned 71 and died of liver disease. The bassist wrote and sang most of the songs for Cream, including "I Feel Free", "White Room" and "Sunshine Of Your Love". His songs covered superstars such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Ella Fitzgerald.

In 1966, Clapton, Baker and Bruce formed their trio Cream, which had a steep but short career. The celebrated band broke up as early as 1968. During his solo career, the all-rounder Bruce played rock, blues and classical music at the same time and recorded several albums. In 2005 Cream got back together after 37 years and celebrated comeback successes in London and New York. In February 2006 the band received a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement.

Also ex-Beatle Ringo Starr paid tribute to Bruce, who had played in his All-Starr band. Via "Twitter" he announced: "In Jack Bruce we have lost an incredible musician, composer and good friend. Peace and Love to his family."

George Harrison was six years old when he moved into the row house with his parents in 1949. The address: 25 Upton Green. The house has a small garden, living room, kitchen and three bedrooms. It is in the Speke district, where his Beatles colleague Paul McCartney also lived.

The new owner is from London and is a big Beatles fan. She would like to move to Liverpool soon and partially restore the house to its original condition from 1960. The Beatles lover had already bid at the auction of John Lennon's former property last year, but came away empty-handed.

Ringo Starr's birthplace on Madryn Street in the old working class neighborhood of Toxteth has been threatened with demolition for a longer period of time. It is located in a district that the city administration wants to redevelop. A citizens' initiative is committed to preserving it. The further fate is not yet sealed.

The British rock musician Alvin Stardust is dead. He died on Thursday after a short illness of prostate cancer. This was announced by his management. Stardust began his career in the music business in the 1960s as the singer for the band Shane Fenton & The Fentones. Keith Richards called him "The Godfather of British Rock 'n' Roll" at the time.

The musician, who preferred to appear in a black leather outfit, became a star of the glam rock scene in the 1970s. He had hits like "My Coo Ca Choo" (1973), "Jealous Mind" (1974) and "I Feel Like Buddy Holly" (1984).

His first studio album in 30 years, "Alvin", was due to be released in autumn. The musician, whose real name was Bernard Jewry, was 72 years old.

US rock star Michael Stipe speaks for the first time after his band R.E.M. about future plans. He switched from rock to the fine arts and is planning an exhibition of his photographs and sculptures.

"I'm working ... on a series of photographs that will appear in a book next year," Stipe said in an interview with the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Although he received inquiries from New York, Tokyo and London, he was in no hurry with his first major exhibition, says Michael Stipe. "I feel like I'm still learning," says the singer, who has switched from rock music to the visual arts, explaining his reluctance. "I only work for myself now, not for the large audience." Of course he also wants to exhibit his works one day, but the time has not yet come.

Michael Stipe was the front man of the US rock band R.E.M. The band broke up in 2011 after 31 years of existence. One of the group's most successful songs is "Losing My Religion".

"Children are the future, so you have to give them the right tools," said the musician of the dpa news agency in Berlin. "The art of telling stories and creating sustainable images has gone under, that's why I'm writing a book."

Based on his hit "Moonshadow", the story is about the search for the land of eternal light. But the artist no longer does the illustrations himself: "I got a little lazy with the pen." In the past, the artist had illustrated some covers himself. Cat Stevens released the track "Moonshadow" in 1971 on the album "Teaser And The Firecat". He calls it his favorite song. The musical "Moonshadow", which Yusuf staged in Australia in 2012, received mixed reactions and was canceled early.

A new album by Yusuf will be released on Friday. It says "Tell 'Em I'm Gone". On the new album, Yusuf aka Cat Stevens deals with the blues. He says: "Even as a teenager I listened to rhythm and blues, the little black wax discs from the USA influenced me: Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry. Those were the first songs I learned to play the guitar , on a fire escape when I was supposed to be in class as an art student. It's great to follow the roots of this music - it brings you to its core. "

How does it sound when "Ringtones" - English for ring tones - become "Stingtones"? Jimmy Fallon put it to the test on his talk show. Sting shone and said on one of the ring tones: "It sounded like a Police song. I'll have to call my lawyers on."

The British musician was a guest on the "Tonight Show" on the US broadcaster NBC and went one better with his ringtone appearance. In the end, he sang about the cell phone mailbox of a randomly drawn spectator. To the melody of the Police classic "Message In A Bottle" he texted: "I hope you leave a message on my mailbox."

Neil Diamond even uses the word "homecoming" when he speaks of "Melody Road". The album leads him back to his first steps as a musician, to early influences like the folk musician Woody Guthrie.

The vocals were recorded exactly as they would have been done decades ago, and while no savings were made on instruments, the arrangements of these pieces are deliberately kept classic.

And as is the case with folk songs, each piece tells a little story - like in the song "Seongah and Jimmy", for example, in which Neil tells the story of his American brother-in-law and Korean sister-in-law, who had already fallen in love and were a couple when neither of them could speak the other's language.

Neil Diamond has been carrying some of the pieces on the new album with him for a long time. He didn't think she was ripe yet. But after his wife Katie, who the 73-year-old married two years ago, helped him get in the mood for it, he was finally able to complete these pieces.

Even if it's always about folk songs, so the guitar is the central instrument, on "Melody Road" you also hear keyboards, flutes, brass and, in the case of "Seongah and Jimmy", "The Art of Love" and "Nothing But A Heartache", even a lot of strings.

The album has been in stores since Friday. Neil Diamond is going on tour in Germany next year.

To "Rockin 'All Over The World" you don't necessarily have to plug in the Telecaster in a double pack. It works without it. Then the rock classic comes along with a fresh personality and new strength. Have said the status quo, picked up the acoustic guitar and produced a surprising album.

The songs on "Aquostik (Stripped Bare)" - "stripped bare" means stripped - come from the entire repertoire, which the band has steadily expanded over the decades. Some are permanently part of their set list, others are put in the spotlight for the first time - revamped, polished and re-rated.

The track list includes hits like "Rockin 'All Over The World", "Down Down, or" Pictures of Matchstick Men "- there are also classic albums like" And It's Better Now "or" All The Reasons "as well as special reworks of some of their big live performances - Numbers like "Mystery Song" or "Don't Drive My Car".

The motto of "Aquostik": Let's put everything that has happened so far in a new light. And? Perhaps one or the other misses some of the most succinct guitar riffs in rock history. Others will notice: The songs breathe again. Great joy in playing!

The album will go on sale on Friday. The cover photo is by Bryan Adams, by the way. On October 22nd, Status Quo will give their first live concert Unplugged in London.

He got his stage name from the chemistry teacher. He thought he was "idle": lazy. This became an idol. He had his big breakthrough in the USA. He delivered world hits like "Dancing with Myself", "Rebel Yell", Sweet Sixteen "," White Wedding "and" Eyes Without A Face ".

A key moment in his life was a motorcycle accident in 1990. He had an accident with his Harley Davidson in Los Angeles and nearly lost a leg. Emergency surgery saved his life. He was right in the middle of working on the album "Charmed Life". Before the album, according to Idol's book, there was "two years of non-stop beer, brides and bikes", plus a constant stream of drugs.

The 58-year-old says he has left his tough drug life behind. While writing, the musician with the bleached spiky hairstyle tells us in an interview with dpa, he was once again confronted with the beautiful and the dark sides of his past. "It was a challenge." Book and record would have influenced each other. "There is something musical about the autobiography." And vice versa, it is also the case. The eighties, the years before globalization and the computer era, had something special, says Idol. "Maybe it was the last before modern times."

The new album is called "Kings & Queens Of The Underground". But it could also have been named after the song "Postcards From The Past". It's a postcard from the eighties and will be released on Friday. The autobiography "Dancing With Myself" hits bookshops on October 20th.

Pink Floyd hasn't released anything new for 20 years. "The Endless River" will be released in early November. The album should also be the keystone in the music career of the British cult band. "It's a shame, but this is the end," said singer and guitarist David Gilmour now on BBC radio.

The album is based on songs recorded by David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright in the nineties. Wright died of cancer in 2008. Singer and bassist Roger Waters did not take part in the recordings. He left the band in 1985 after tensions with Gilmour.

The new album also features the title "Talkin 'Hawkin". The voice of the world-famous physicist is used.The 72-year-old Hawking suffers from the nervous disease ALS and has been communicating with the outside world via a voice computer for 30 years.

Pink Floyd was founded in 1965 and is one of the most successful rock groups of all time.

Anyone who missed the presentation of the album in Munich's Zenith-Halle at the beginning of the year and did not see it on the big screen - the concert was broadcast in 80 cinemas across Germany at the same time - can make up for it. The acclaimed show is now available as a live album.

The album is out on CD, DVD and vinyl, and all fifteen songs are on it. The DVD also contains the video from the entire live concert in Munich, plus the 90-minute documentary “If that's the case - a road movie through 2013”. 120 Bayern 1 listeners were able to experience Peter Maffay with his new album at a close-up concert in Nuremberg in February. They were absolutely thrilled.

In the coming year Maffay is going on tour with his new album. Bayern 1 presents the concerts in Munich, Kempten and Nuremberg. The live CD really makes you want to go.

Their style has been called New-Romantic. They were heartbreakers in the eighties, no party without "ballet". Now the quintet is back from London. Spandau Ballet presents a new album. It is called "The Very Best Of ... The Story" and contains, in addition to newly recorded legendary hits like "True", three new songs "This Is Love", "Steal" and "Soul Boy". Spandau Ballett recorded it with producer Trevor Horn, the former front man of Yes. Horn has produced bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Pet Shop Boys.

Spandau Ballett celebrated its greatest successes in the eighties with titles such as "True", "Gold" or "Through The Barricades". The band was encouraged to use the name during a visit to Berlin. The inscription was on a building near the Berlin-Spandau prison, in which many Nazi war criminals, including Rudolf Hess, were imprisoned. In 1990 the band broke up. Almost 20 years later there was a reunion in 2009 with the original line-up with Tony Hadley (vocals), John Keeble (drums), Gary Kemp (guitar), Martin Kemp (bass) and Steve Norman (saxophone). A world tour took the band to Germany in 2010.

The new album will be released on October 10th and is the first recording of new titles by Spandau Ballett in 25 years.

"Conchita, la voix européenne" - "Conchita, the European voice" - that is the title of the concert in front of the European Parliament building. The concert was initiated by several MEPs, including the Austrian EU parliamentarian Ulrike Lunacek from the Greens. The politician is committed to equality and the rights of homosexuals.

Members of the conservative Alternative for Germany (AfD) had criticized the appearance in advance. Wurst, on the other hand, described the invitation as a "very great honor". The Austrian travesty artist said before the performance: "Everyone should have the right to love whoever he wants and should be able to live in peace without fear". On November 25th, Pope Francis will address the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. Since the current Synod of Bishops in the Vatican on marriage and the family also deals with questions of homosexuality, these topics could also be addressed during the visit of the Catholic head of the church.

The full beard diva won the ESC competition in Copenhagen with the title "Rise Like A Phoenix" on May 10th - as the first singer from Austria since Udo Jürgens in 1966.

"Even though I am American, France is in my heart," said Jones at the presentation of the medal in Paris. In his six-decade career, the trumpeter and music producer has worked with many greats in the music business around the world: Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Ray Charles - and Michael Jackson.

Jones, also known as "Q", worked in Paris in the 1950s. He won 27 Grammys. For Michael Jackson he produced the two albums "Off The Wall" and "Thriller". In an interview with the British Guardian, the 81-year-old recently spoke out in favor of the approval of marijuana.

The singer announced his departure on Sunday on the band's homepage. "At some point everything will be said musically," says the Unheilig frontman. The new album "Gipfelstürmer" will usher in the band's farewell era. He left with the feeling that he wrote the best songs of his life for this album, wrote the count in an open letter to his fans.

He wants to go on tour again next year, play some festivals in 2016 and then give a big farewell concert. Then he wants to take care of his family more and not just "be physically present". The reactions of the fans in the social networks would have pleased him very much. "When you read what people write, I am touched. I am absolutely glad that they can understand that."

The count, whose pseudonym is known, founded the band in 1999. Unheilig has won various awards and sold millions of albums. Her most successful song is "Born To Live".

A footbridge resembling the east gate of Folsom Prison is the first section of the trail. As the newspaper "Sacramento Bee" reports, works of art are to be set up on the memorial path on the premises of the detention center, including a twelve-meter-high statue of Cash. In addition, a small park is to be created. The city is trying to raise the necessary three million dollars (around 2.4 million euros) with a fundraising campaign.

The singer, who died in 2003, recorded the album live with other artists in the prison in 1968. It has become a classic. The country singer had great success with the song "Folsom Prison Blues" as early as the 1950s.

Phil Collins has been through a lot in the past few years. The separation from the family after the divorce was very difficult for him. In an interview with the British "Mirror" that he gave before the BBC documentary was broadcast, the ex-Genesis singer said: "I haven't been drinking for 18 months, but I'm looking for a reason to get up in the morning still."

For the BBC documentary, Collins has teamed up with his band again, with Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford. A Genesis greatest hits album will be released soon. And Peter Gabriel advised Collins to end early retirement and look ahead.

"I would never rule it out entirely," said Collins when asked if he could envision a Genesis revival.

"Tracks Of My Years" is the name of Bryan Adams' new album. The rock star presents a collection of classics from the 50s, 60s and 70s that shaped his music. The eleven track album brings together a wide variety of influential Chuck Berrys music styles Rock And Roll Music ”to Ray Charles“ I Can’t Stop Loving You ”and“ Any Time At All ”by The Beatles. The album also features the new song "She Knows Me," which Adams wrote with longtime songwriting partner Jim Vallance. The collaboration between Adams and Vallance also produced hits like “Heaven”, “Summer of 69” and “Run To You”.

“It took a long time to make a selection of the songs for the album,” says Bryan. “We recorded all kinds of songs until they spoke for themselves or were different enough from the original. The recordings took about three months in total, spread over two years. "

On Saturday Bryan Adams appears in the ZDF show "Wetten, dass ..?" in Erfurt.

At the award ceremony, it was also said that Lindenberg had been committed to combating xenophobia, anti-Semitism and homophobia for decades, as well as promoting equal cooperation regardless of origin, religion, skin color, language or way of life.

With his song "Sonderzug nach Pankow" in 1983, Lindenberg had brought it into conversation that he would like to perform in the GDR. The tour planned for 1984 was then canceled by the GDR government. In 1987, Lindenberg gave SED General Secretary Erich Honecker a leather jacket and guitar on his visit to Germany and received a shawm in return. In 1990 his first tour took place in eastern Germany.

Lindenberg was not personally present at the award ceremony in Berlin. He wants to receive the award at a later date.

"Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics" is the name of the new album. The "First Lady of Soul" - as Franklin is also called - covers ten songs by other great singers such as Adele or Gloria Gaynor, Dinah Washington, Barbra Streisand and Sinéad O'Connor. In her interpretation of the Adele track "Rolling In The Deep" she incorporated the chorus from "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" in the duo version by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. For the Supremes classic "You Keep Me Hangin 'On", Aretha sat down at the piano herself.

Rumors have also emerged that Aretha Franklin is planning to go on a world tour next year. Does the 72-year-old want to do this stress with her extreme fear of flying?

The Internet magazine TMZ had asked the rock star in Hollywood to comment on the incident with the broken nose. Stewart said with a smile that football is just a contact sport. The musician is a huge football fan and supporter of Celtic Glasgow.

During a concert in Las Vegas in October 2012, Stewart shot balls into the audience. One had hit a fan from California unhappily in the face. He still needs medical treatment today, quoted the British newspaper "The Independent" from the complaint, which is said to have been received by a court last week. The fan is suing Stewart and the concert promoter for the equivalent of almost 8,000 euros.

The son produces the father

They were in top shape - on November 10, 1979. ABBA took the stage at London's Wembley Stadium in their blue overalls and sang their hearts out.

Anyone who has never heard a live concert by the Swedes will get an impression of the energy with which ABBA performed with this double album. One is amazed that the band was actually able to produce its studio sound live - and that there was an extra momentum on stage.

Ludvig Andersson, the son from Benny's second marriage, relied on authenticity in his production and didn't mess around a lot. The sound is surprisingly brilliant. Some of the recordings are already on the first and so far only ABBA live album. It was released in 1986, four years after the band split up.

Ludvig Anderrson processed the entire Wembley show into 25 tracks on the album. It starts with the intro "Gammal fäbodpsalm" (hymn to the old willow), brings the highlights of the band's history and also contains Agnetha's "I'm Still Alive", which is being released on record for the first time. "Waterloo" marks the end.

Then there were only three. Founding member Jason Orange leaves Take That. His ex-band mates Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald described Orange's departure as a huge loss.

Orange had already told its colleagues last week that they did not want to take part in the recording of a new album, according to the Take That homepage. “I have had some of my best years with Take That and I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied me on this journey. Especially my bandmates, who are like brothers to me, ”said the 44-year-old Orange on the website.

"This is a sad day for us," band members Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen were quoted as saying. They described Orange's departure as a great loss. His belief in the band made it so successful.

Take That were one of the most successful boy groups in the 1990s. After the departure of Robbie Williams, the band separated in 1996. Nine years later, the reunification followed, without Williams. He officially rejoined the group in 2010, but only performs with the band now and then.

Streisand's new album "Partners" was released almost two weeks ago and has now climbed to the top of the Billboard 200 charts. New record! Never before has an artist managed to achieve such permanent success in the charts. In each of the past six decades, a Streisand album was once great. Overall, "Partners" is their tenth No. 1 album. The first was "People" exactly 50 years ago. In the all-time charts, Barbra Streisand is only surpassed by Elvis Presley.

On "Partners" the diva sings duets with Billy Joel and Lionel Ritchie, Michael Bublé and Stevie Wonder, among others. The duet genre has become something of their trademark. The recordings with Neil Diamond (1978), Donna Summer (1979), Barry Gibb (1981) or Bryan Adams (1996) were also very successful.

"I'm really fed up with this city," the singer told the dpa news agency. The press and the establishment there were just terrible to her.

"I don't want to live anywhere where people don't like me. That's why I live in France and Ireland - they love me here," emphasized the 67-year-old. "I have no plans to go back to London." Her new album, which will be released on September 26th, is called "Give My Love To London", but that is pure irony, said the artist, who was born in London-Hampstead.

Marianne Faithfull started her career in 1964 with the Rolling Stones title "As Tears Go By". After separating from Mick Jagger, she was heavily addicted to drugs until the mid-eighties. In 2007 she celebrated a great success as the leading actress in the film "Irina Palm" .

His mother Adele bought him his first guitar. It cost $ 18 - a lot of money for the family back in 1962. Three years later, she took out a loan to buy her son a better instrument for $ 60. Soon the young Bruce, who always named Elvis, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles as his role models, was playing for money. Because he ended up distributing the fee among the musicians in cash, he was nicknamed "The Boss".

Together with his buddies from the "E Street Band", Springsteen has worked his way up into the ranks of international rock stars since the early 1970s. In jeans, boots and a sleeveless shirt, he cultivates the image of the "working class hero". He has not lost faith in the "promised land" America, an America that has room for everyone - including those who have failed and lost souls, as he assures in the song "Land of Hope and Dreams".

Springsteen is part of America's good conscience. In his lyrics and concerts he calls for solidarity with the poor and the weak and invokes values ​​such as love, family, friendship and honest work. It has received multiple awards: 20 Grammys and the Oscar for best film music in "Philadelphia".

"50 St. Cathrine's Drive" is the address of Gibbs' birthplace in Douglas on the Isle of Man. After that the album is titled. The solo work is a thoughtful and largely autobiographical collection of songs that were mainly written between 2006 and 2008 but have not yet been published.

The album contains the single "Sorry", the very last song Robin Gibb ever wrote and recorded, a new version of the Bee Gees classic "I Am The World" and three songs co-written by his son RJ Gibb.

Robin Gibb died in London in May 2012 after a long and serious illness.

"Popular Problems" is the name of Cohen's new album. And the next album is already in the works, the old master recently revealed at a press conference in London and joked: "It will probably be called 'Unpopular Solutions'." On the cover, the old man shows himself with a hat and walking stick, on the disc he grooves to bass and piano lines - with a smoky voice full of melancholy. He has been adored for this for 40 years.

Leonard Cohen was born in Montreal in 1934. The son of a Jewish family learned to play the guitar as a child and soon appeared in cafes and clubs. For a long time, however, music was a minor matter. Cohen wanted to write poetry and, later, novels. "I didn't want to write to get paid. I wanted to be paid for what I write," he once said. At the end of the 1960s he moved to New York and set his poems to music - soon with great success.

Cohen influenced entire generations of musicians with albums like "Songs of Leonard Cohen" (1967) or "Songs of Love and Hate" (1971). Titles like "Suzanne", "So Long, Marianne", "First We Take Manhattan (Then We Take Berlin)" or "Hallelujah" have been covered many times. Whether Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker or Bruce Springsteen, whether Roberta Flag or Lana del Rey - they all recorded a Cohen song at one point or another. He is one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

The master himself suffered from severe depression and retired to a Zen monastery. In old age it really blossomed again and returned to the stage in 2008 after a 15 year long break - not least because of financial necessity. A former manager cheated on him for multi-million dollar pension reserves.

On his birthday Cohen has nothing special in mind - except to start smoking again: "I'm looking forward to the first puff. I've been thinking about it for 30 years," he said in New York when presenting the "Popular Problems".

"I know Bono pretty well. But I have to say, when I heard that, I was shocked," said the 58-year-old musician at the Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival. (Bono is the lead singer of U2.)

"Such an action by such a big band, all of whom are millionaires, is disrespectful to their hard-working colleagues." This is especially true in today's times, when it is a matter of giving music value again.

The Californian company Apple recently not only gave the new U2 album "Songs of Innocence" to its 500 million customers, but also placed it in their media libraries without being asked, thus triggering a lot of protest.

Whitney Houston first appeared on US television in 1985. At that time she was already considered a child prodigy and was a guest on the Merv Griffin Show, sang "Home" from the Broadway musical "The Wiz". This title is also included on the album as for example "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" from an Oprah Winfrey show from 2009.

The album was put together by the successful producer Clive Davis and the Whitney Houston Estate Administration. Says Clive, "Whitney's live CD ... clearly shows why Whitney was absolutely unique ... Her great voice and songs have proven to be timeless and will mesmerize you again and again."

A DVD will also appear with the CD. The album will go on sale on November 7th.

"The Essential Kinks" is the name of the compilation with 48 songs, which will be released in the USA in October. David Bowie wrote the booklet text for the double album. The rock star writes in it: "" I've never heard a Kinks‘ song that I didn't like. They are in the guts of every British songwriter who has followed them, and they are undeniably cornerstones of pop and rock. I love her."

"The Kinks" wrote rock history with "You Really Got Me", "Waterloo" Sunset "or" Lola ". They last performed together in 1996 in Oslo, but the band never officially split up. Ray and Dave Davies have been at odds with each other for a long time, and the brotherly dispute is said to have been settled in August.

"I stopped writing because I'm so happy," said Annie Lennox in an interview in London. Sad songs like their "Walking On Breaking Glass" could therefore no longer exist. The musician has been married to the doctor Mitch Besser for two years, her third marriage.

Lennox, who will turn 60 this Christmas, hinted that "Nostalgia" could probably be her last album.

On the new record, Lennox interprets well-known tracks such as "Summertime", "Georgia On My Mind" or "I Put A Spell On You." Regarding her selection, the Scottish woman said she loved singing these American standards. "If I don't take the opportunity now, I may never get it again."

Lennox became known as the singer of the pop duo Eurythmics and, together with Dave Stewart, had world hits like "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" or "Here Comes The Rain Again" in the 1980s.

Kylie Minogue is looking forward to a European tour

London, Madrid, Paris - Kylie Minogue returns to the old continent on her "Kiss Me Once" tour. She plays almost three dozen shows in all major cities. You can also see your German fans in Cologne (October 22nd), Munich (October 25th), Berlin (October 27th) and Hamburg (October 28th). "Can't wait to see you, Europe," wrote the singer on her Facebook page.

The 46-year-old was in Berlin just a few weeks ago. The Australian flew into the federal capital at the end of August especially for the film premiere of the action flick "Hercules". Minogue was spotted partying with Norwegian actor Aksel Hennie, who plays the hero character "Tydeus" in the film.

New York, Stavanger in Norway, Dubai or Istanbul are already behind them, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong are still to come: The Pet Shop Boys are currently on a world tour. On their Facebook page, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe left a post with mixed feelings. "While we are sad that our 'Electric' world tour is drawing to a close, we have some news that are really cheering us up - the Pet Shop Boys will start work on a BRAND NEW ALBUM in November."

The as yet unnamed long player would be Tennant and Lowe's 14th studio album. The two first met in 1981, four years later they landed their first international hit with "West End Girls". It shouldn't be the only one. Mainly because of the more than 100 million records sold, the Guinness Book of Records lists the two musicians as the most successful pop duo in Great Britain.

The Austrian capital is getting a new transport museum. It is said to be one of the largest collections of historic vehicles in Europe. The opening is celebrated in a big way. Rainhard Fendrich gives a free concert, according to the motto: "... Wesd 'a madness you're fia mi, I stand up ..."

In October Fendrich goes on tour in Germany and makes guest appearances in Hof, Altötting, Straubing, Bamberg and Roth, among others.

Fendrich was most recently in the headlines with an injunction against the FPÖ. He was of the opinion that the right-wing populist party had appropriated lines of text from his Austrian anthem "I am from Austria" against his will. Fendrich wrote in it: "Do kum i her, Da g'hear i hin", the FPÖ had used the slogan on the Internet: "Da bin i her, Da g'hör i hin".

Conchita Wurst, alias Thomas Neuwirth, is expected to appear in front of the European Parliament building in Brussels in October. At the invitation of MPs from the Netherlands, Finland, Italy and Austria, the diva with the distinctive beard will appear in front of the parliamentary seat. This is reported by the Austrian news agency APA.

The gig is planned for October 8th. According to the APA, Wurst called the invitation a great honor. "If you stand up for more love, respect and tolerance, you can only be part of a much larger movement that is also supported by the people of Europe and by politics - and, unfortunately, is also opposed by some forces," said the Eurovision -Star.

Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in May with the title "Rise Like A Phoenix".

Keith Richards worked on the new album for years. He was in the studio with Steve Jordan, the drummer of his former band X-Pensive Winos, from time to time. Production has now been completed. The new album should not be released until next June. This is reported by the music magazine "Rolling Stone". The new work should not come on the market while the musician is on the road with his main band. The current Rolling Stones tour ends this December.

The last time Keith Richards drew attention to himself was when he announced that he had written a children's book. "Gus and Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar" was released the day before yesterday. The German edition will hit the market next week.

She has already sung a duet with Prince or Britney Spears. Is Madonna's newest partner now called Siri? (Partner would have to say yes, because Apple's voice assistant has a woman's voice.)

The magazine "Musikexpress" reports that the Siri song could be called "Unapologetic Bitch" or "Bitch, I'm Madonna". While playing around with the iPhone, users would have found that SIRI links directly to Madonna's Wikipedia entry when they say the words "Unapologetic Bitch".

The "Queen of Pop" is currently in the studio and is working on a new album. The first sounds of a new title called "Messiah" could already be heard on the Internet.

Apple's voice assistant Siri has been in use since the iPhone 4S generation and is now also used on tablets. Apple has just unveiled its new iPhone 6 in California.

"Of course everyone talked about it, but still we were surprised when the time came. It's great news." This is what an acquaintance of the couple said to the British newspaper "Sunday Express."

The English singer-songwriter married the granddaughter of the Duke of Wellington in a small chapel on Mallorca. The 40-year-old proposed marriage to Sofia Welllesley, who was ten years his junior, back in December.

James Blunt made his breakthrough in 2005 with the hit "You're Beautiful". With "Bonfire Heart" he had his first number one hit in Germany last year.

The "ultimate folk rock troubadour", as it has already been called, is coming to Berlin for a concert on November 20th. This is followed by two appearances in Hamburg and Düsseldorf under the motto "Peace Train ... Late Again Tour".

With hits like "Morning Has Broken", "Father And Son" and "Wild World", Cat Stevens became an international star in the seventies. In 1977, the 66-year-old converted to Islam and retired from the music business After the attacks of September 11, 2001, he stepped onto the stage for the first time in 25 years and wanted to call for understanding and acceptance between religions with "Peace Train".

DWI - Driving While Intoxinated - the abbreviation is often used in the USA for the offense for which Cassidy has to answer in court. The singer and actor has now pleaded guilty to a court in New York State and can expect to receive a mild sentence: 50 hours of social work and an ignition lock on his car. This is reported by the Internet magazine TMZ.

Cassidy has already gone through rehab. The judge will not make the final decision on the matter until November.

The 63-year-old was noticed by the police in August 2013 because he had not dimmed. In the alcohol test, the permitted values ​​were far exceeded. Cassidy had twice had drunk-driving problems and had been given a suspended sentence.

Cassidy was the lead singer of the "Partridge Family" and had a number of top ten hits in the seventies, for example with "I Think I Love You" or "Rock Me Baby". Bad speculation in the real estate market cost him almost all of his fortune.

It rings at the door. The resident opens and almost faints. There is Cher - unannounced - and asks if she can come in. This is what happened recently on Laurel Canyon Drive in Los Angeles. The 68-year-old singer was just curious and wanted to see what it looks like today where she lived from 1964 to 1965. This is reported by the US magazine TMZ.

"She was completely normal and super nice," TMZ quotes the homeowner Daniel Dreifuss. Cher looked around, but had to end her tour in front of her former bedroom. Another resident was sleeping there and was not allowed to be disturbed. The house is located in Laurel Canyon, the legendary valley of rock and roll, with famous residents such as Jackson Browne, Carole King, Keith Moon, Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash.

"The Goddess of Pop" lived in the house with her husband Sono Bono for a year after the wedding. Cher had met the musician at the age of 16 and married in 1964. After ten years the marriage ended in divorce, accompanied by a mud fight for money. Bono died in a skiing accident in 1998.

Cher is our Bayern 1 star of the week right now.

Her comeback at London's Hammersmith Apollo Theater a week ago was frenetically acclaimed. Now Kate Bush can go one better: all of her eleven albums are new to the charts in Great Britain. This is reported by BBC News. Two albums even climbed into the top 10 list: "The Hounds Of Love" from 1985 and the best-of record "The Whole Story" from 1986. No artist has ever achieved such a push.

Only Elvis and the Beatles were better. After Presley's death in 1977, twelve of his records hit the UK charts. When the Beatles albums were reissued in 2009, eleven of the Fab Four works made it into the top 40.

Kate Bush gave her last live concert in 1979 and then retired from the stage. The comeback of the uncrowned pop queen of the 70s and 80s is going well. All performances of Kate Bush's "Before The Dawn" concert series are sold out.

The former Police singer owns an estate near Florence where grapes and olives are grown. Sting bought the 3.5 square kilometer property "Il Palagio" from the 16th century in 1969. It was given up at the time and has now grown into a prosperous biodynamic company.

As the British newspaper "The Telegraph" reports, Sting invites visitors to roll up their sleeves and help with the harvest. The work on the agriturismo promises "green hills, warm autumn sunshine, cypress trees like great security guards and the adventure and joy of being part of the annual Vendemmia, the traditional grape harvest in October and the olive harvest in November, from Generations of Tuscan farmers is respected. "

But to be allowed to work at Sting, you have to pay. The privilege costs 262 euros a day.

"Outlaw Pete" is the name of Springsteen's first book as a children's author. The title comes from Springsteen's song of the same name from 2009. The outlaw Pete becomes a criminal in his diapers, but later Pete goes to court with himself and wants to come to terms with it.

Springsteen developed the book with the illustrator Frank Caruso. He thinks "Outlaw Pete" is a fabulous character.

The book will be published in November, in time for the Christmas business. At first it only comes out in the English version.

"If that's the case" is the title of his last album. Maffay released it earlier this year. Once again it shot straight to first place in the German charts. In February Maffay presented it at a Bayern 1 close-up concert in Nuremberg. Big enthusiasm!

The son of a German from Transylvania and a Hungarian aircraft mechanic grew up in Brasov, Romania. When he was 14 years old, the family emigrated to Waldkraiburg in Upper Bavaria. There Maffay first learned to play the violin, but soon switched to guitar and founded "The Beat Boys" - his first band. It was later renamed "The Dukes".

His first single "Du" is a hit - and will be a hit. In the mid-1970s, the image changed from pop singer to rock musician. He celebrated his first big chart success in 1979 with the rock album "Steppenwolf".

Not only on stage, but also behind it, Maffay has lived a rocker life for a long time. He smokes like a chimney and consumes quite a bit of alcohol. Three marriages fail. For years he drank two bottles, sometimes three bottles, of whiskey, he reveals to the "Zeit" magazine in 2012. Then about ten years ago the diagnosis: lung cancer. A huge shock for Maffay and at the same time the salvation, as he says later. The cancer turns out to be a virus; after the misdiagnosis, it stops smoking and drinking.

Today Maffay lives mostly on Mallorca with his fourth wife and son. There he takes it easy and runs his own organic farm. With his rock fairytale Tabaluga, Maffay proved that he can also be musically quieter. He has released several successful albums about the little dragon. In the meantime, Tabaluga also stands for the children's foundation, which is based in Tutzing on Lake Starnberg - Maffay's domicile in Germany. In addition, the singer has established other foundations, is politically active, repeatedly speaks out against xenophobia publicly and primarily supports traumatized children . Maffay has received several awards for its social commitment, most recently with the "Echo" in March. In the coming year Maffay is going on a big tour with his band. Bayern 1 presents the concerts in the Free State.

"It's true, I'm pregnant," the 37-year-old Colombian told the Latin American edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. Shakira has also confirmed on her Facebook and Twitter page that she is expecting a second child.

The pop singer is in a relationship with the 27-year-old Spanish soccer player Gérard Piqué from FC Barcelona. The two already have a one and a half year old son named Milan. With the interview, Shakira confirmed the rumors that had emerged in mid-July after her appearance at the final of the World Cup in Brazil. At the time, some observers believed they could see signs of pregnancy in the famous curves of the Latina. How long Shakira has been pregnant, she did not reveal. The "Cosmopolitan" wrote that Milan could soon be happy about a sibling. Shakira and Piqué met at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and have officially been a couple since 2011.

The 68-year-old musician has filed for divorce from Pegi Young (62) in his hometown of San Mateo, California. This is reported by the music magazine "Rolling Stone". The couple has been married for 36 years. A first divorce hearing is due to take place in December. At first there was no comment from Young.

Pegi and Neil Young were considered a dream couple in the music scene. The American is said to have been the inspiration for some of Young's most beautiful love songs. In "Unknown Legend" in 1992 he described how he had met her as a waitress: "I only ordered to see her floating down the aisle." Pegi Young was the backing singer for Neil Young from the nineties to the present day, and she also made a solo career. She is co-founder of the Bridge School, a school for disabled children. She and her husband organized the school's annual benefit concerts, which became a high point in the California music scene. They both have two children together. Her son Ben (36) is severely disabled.

"Without a doubt the most ambitious, moving piece of theater pop that has ever been seen on a stage in England," wrote the newspaper "The Independent" at the premiere of the concert series entitled "Before The Dawn".

Bush stepped onto the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo Theater on Tuesday night and started the show with her title "Lily". In 1979 she temporarily ended her live career on the same stage. The 56-year-old did not play any songs from her first four albums, but mainly material from her 1985 album "Hounds Of Love". The fans acknowledged the two-hour performance with frenetic applause. However, there was also anger: Management banned photography and filming with smartphones. The exclusive photo rights had gone to the British agency Rex. Kate Bush justified the ban with closer contact with the audience: "I want to get in contact with you as an audience, not with iPhones, iPads or cameras", she had announced before the concert.

David Bowie and Madonna were among the enthusiastic guests.

The jury's reasoning stated: "Chuck Berry was the pioneer of rock'n'roll who pioneered the electric guitar as the main instrument in rock music. Includes all riffs and solos that rock guitarists have played over the past 60 years DNA traces that can be traced back to Chuck Berry. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and a million other bands learned their trade by practicing songs by Chuck Berry. "

Chuck Berry was unable to receive the award personally for health reasons. In a letter he said: "Unfortunately I am not able to travel, but my heart is in Sweden. I thank the king and the royal family for receiving the Polar Prize. I am aware of what it is It is a great honor to be able to receive him. "

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards recorded a personal video message in honor of Chuck Berry, in which he said, "Chuck Berry practically jumped me out of the radio. I devoured him, sucked him in, he was my daily bread and still more - the air I breathed while learning to play the guitar. "

Chuck Berry was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1926 and entered the music scene in 1955 with "Maybellene". The 88-year-old is now having a hard time playing guitar and singing. At a concert in Helsinki last year, he fell weak.

The "Polar Music Price" was donated by the former ABBA manager Stig Anderson and is endowed with one million Swedish kronor (approx. 110,000 euros). The award is considered the unofficial Nobel Prize for Music and has been presented annually since 1992 to a representative of popular and classical music.

After 35 years of hiatus, Kate Bush gives another concert on Tuesday evening. It is the first of 15 comeback concerts at London's Hammersmith Apollo Theater. "Before The Dawn" is the name of the concert series. The singer announced the shows at the end of March, and they were sold out within minutes. Tickets have now been traded for £ 1,500 on ticket sales websites.

Kate Bush remains silent about what the fans can expect. The rehearsals were top secret. A greatest hits program doesn't seem to be popular. It is said that the 56-year-old does not want to present her hit "Wuthering Heights". Bush would no longer hit the high notes of the title.

The artist only had that much communicated in advance. She doesn't want cell phones in her concerts. The fans should concentrate on what is happening and leave the "nonsense" with the recording and photographs.

The spectacle from all possible art forms will draw 100,000 visitors to London by 19 September.

It's been three years since Phil Collins announced his retirement from the music biz. Now a little U-turn: The singer will perform live again. He will sing at the "Dreaming On The Beach" charity concert in Miami Beach in early December. This is how it is announced on the homepage of the "Little Dreams Foundation", which organizes the event every year. Collins and his former wife Orianne Collins-Mejjati set up the foundation 14 years ago. It is intended to promote young sports, music or art talents - with or without a disability.

Three years ago, Collins surprised fans and the industry with the announcement that he would be retiring from the music business. He justified his step back then by saying that he wanted to spend more time with his two sons and be a better father to them. He denied health problems. It was only in May of this year that he performed at a school festival for one of his two children, according to rollingstone.de. He played "In The Air Tonight" and "Land Of Confusion" with the school band. A video of the gig is circulating on the net.

Shakira's hit "Loca" is said to have been stolen. At least one New York court is of this opinion. The 37-year-old is said to have copied indirectly from "Loca con su Tiguere", a song by the Dominican singer Arias, in her song.

The Spanish version of the song published in 2010 contains elements of a song by Ramón Arias Vásquez, as the artist's real name is. He is said to have composed his number in the late 1990s and recorded it on a cassette. The tape was an important piece of evidence in the 11 day trial.

Shakira's "Loca", on the other hand, was a cooperation with the rapper Edward Bello Pou, whose song "Loca con su tíguere" is said to have served as inspiration. Now the crux of the matter: This song in turn was a copy of Vázquez, so judge Alvin Hellerstein in his judgment. Since Bello copied from Vázquez, the composer also copied "Loca" indirectly. This means that Mayimba Music, Arias' record company, is now entitled to compensation. Mayimba filed a lawsuit against Sony in 2012, which distributed Shakira's song. The amount has not yet been determined.

For the Colombian, "Loca" was a huge success. Because the song was her ninth number one in the "Billboard Hot Latin Songs" as well as number 1 in Switzerland, number 2 in Austria and at least number 6 in Germany.

Where lighters used to shine in concert halls, today it is the displays of cell phones, cameras and tablets. It is photographed and filmed, later recordings of the gigs can be found on the video platforms on the Internet. Kate Bush is now resisting it.

With a request - unusual for these times - the British singer turned to her fans. "We deliberately chose an intimate concert location, not a large stadium. I want to have contact with my audience and not with iPhones, iPads or cameras," wrote the 56-year-old on her website.

It would mean a lot to her if her audience gave up photography and films. 35 years after her first and only tour, Bush finally returns to the stage for several shows in London

Natalie Imbruglia would like to know again. With the pop number "Torn" she had a hit in 1997, which is still on almost every self-respecting radio station. But despite some good other chart placements, she was unable to build on her great success with other songs. Now, according to "The Hollywood Reporter" (THR), she is planning her live comeback and is working on a new album.

Accordingly, the Australian has signed a contract with ICM Partners. The agency wants to send them on tour, dates and locations are not yet known. THR also announces that the 39-year-old wants to release her fifth album in March, which will mainly contain cover songs. She should get support from pop and rock greats like Neil Young.

Imbruglia started her career, as did Jason Donovan ("Especially for You") and Kylie Minogue ("I Should Be So Lucky") in the soap opera "Neighbors". Later she also got started as a musician. Her 1997 debut album "Left of the Middle" sold seven million copies worldwide. In addition to "Torn", which stormed to the top 10 of the top 10 in several countries, the singles "Big Mistake" and "Smoke" were also represented in the top ranks in Australia and Great Britain. This was followed by the three long players "White Lilies Island" from 2001, "Counting Down The Days" from 2005 and "Come To Life" from 2009, of which at least the first two were notable successes. "Come To Life", on the other hand, totally flopped.

In between, she modeled for cosmetics and starred in films such as "Johnny English" with British comedian Rowan Atkins. This year the two films "Little Loopers" and "Among Ravens" should be released with her.

There is one thing that George Michael would change if he were to step into his past again. "I should have been singing with David Gilmour at Carnegie Hall because I'm a big 'Pink Floyd' fan," said the singer in an interview with The Guardian.

If he could, he would like to travel back to 1981 again. "Back when it all started. Those were exciting times - what a ride." In general, his gift of being able to sing is his greatest treasure, he admits.

Which star should play him should his life be made into a film? "Robbie Williams has played me and Tom Hardy plays Elton John, how about Paul Newman (" Flaming Inferno "," The Color of Money ")?" Although a star himself, Michael doesn't seem to have forgotten the important things. His greatest admiration would be the people "who stand up for human rights and make our world a better place. Nurses, doctors and teachers: These are the people who deserve the greatest respect." "

When Nena goes on tour again soon, she doesn't want to do without certain things. "There is no Nena concert without balloons, lighthouses and question marks", the singer is quoted by the "Leipziger Volkszeitung".

The classics will clearly find their place on their set list. Nena also announced that she will bring songs to the stage that she has not played live in 30 years. Some new songs from their new album "Oldschool" will also make it into the set.

With "99 Luftballons" Nena landed a world hit in the 1980s, then it was quiet for a while until she made a comeback as a solo artist after the turn of the millennium.

For the proud sum of 40,000 US dollars, an Elvis Presley suit is said to change hands. The "King of Rock 'n' Roll" wore the pink and black ensemble almost 60 years ago when signing a contract, at numerous appearances as well as on advertising photos and on a picture on the back of the cover of one of his albums.

The suit comes from the famous Lansky brothers. Not only Elvis, but also other artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, the Beach Boys or Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin had themselves dressed by the then trendy "men's outfitters" from Beale Street in Memphis.

"This suit is pure Elvis and Lansky, a combination that was created in rock 'n' roll heaven," said Garry Shrum of Heritage Auctions. It was only in May that Elvis Presley's white suit was sold for $ 197,000 at an auction in New York.

No appearances and no tour - Celine Dion canceled all of her planned shows. Until further notice, the Canadian singer can no longer be seen live. The 46-year-old is withdrawing for the time being, mainly because of her husband René Angélil's cancer.

"I want to put every ounce of my strength and energy into the healing of my husband, and in order to achieve that, it is important for me to devote this time to him and my children," writes Dion on her Facebook page. 72-year-old Angélil was operated on for cancer last December. In June he gave up his job as Dions manager. The two have been married for twenty years and have three children.

Dion has her own show in Las Vegas and is one of the most successful pop singers in the world with more than 200 million albums sold. She had planned a tour in Asia for the fall.

In addition to Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, a new tourist magnet has emerged in London in recent years: the zebra crossing on Abbey Road. It served the Beatles as a backdrop for the cover of their eleventh album "Abbey Road", which the Mushroom Heads released in 1969.

So many people now come to the famous pedestrian crossing that traffic is impaired. Local residents and business people also complain. Because many tourists just stop and let themselves be photographed like the four musicians - duck marching one behind the other across the zebra crossing. So-called "lollipop ladies" are now supposed to provide a remedy. Like the pilots in Germany the students, they are supposed to control the Beatles fans. "Thousands of people come to a small corner of Westminster that is not suitable for this," councilor Lindsey Hall is quoted by the local newspaper "Evening Standard".

The pictures from the photo series that did not make it to the cover motif have meanwhile been published by the Beatles on their homepage under the title "Abbey Road Album Cover Outtakes".

Duran Duran are working on their 14th studio album. The band around singer Simon Le Bon is currently in the studio to record new songs. The New Wave pioneers have recruited prominent reinforcements for this purpose. Star producer Mark Ronson, who also helped Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams and Adele achieve the perfect sound, is turning the controls again, just like on the previous album "All You Need Is Now".

Photos that the band published on Twitter show another exceptional artist: Nile Rodgers is also there. The New Yorker was a member of "Chic", the funk band to which hits like "Le Freak" and "Good Times" are due. Duran Duran and Rodgers had worked together back in the 1980s. In addition, John Frusciante, ex-guitarist of "Red Hot Chili Peppers" ("Under The Bridge") was spotted, as reported by musikexpress.de.

Barbra Streisand has posted three photos since the start of her official profile on the Instagram social network in the past few days - and the third one was already tough:

"This is where you hear it first ... my new album 'Partners' will be out on September 16th." A few days before that, she first put a picture of herself with her dog online; the second photo showed four small, colorful cakes, so-called cupcakes.

Within five days, more than 36,000 fans followed, shared and commented on the pictures. The announcement of the new long player sparked enthusiasm. "That'll be lovely," wrote one user. This assessment should not be so wrong with Streisand's duet partners: According to her message to her fans, she has recorded numbers with stars such as Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder. "What an extraordinary accumulation of talent," Streisand writes.

Peter Maffay has already celebrated success after success in his long career. That is not possible without discipline - and a certain tendency towards perfectionism. In the meantime, however, he can also do something else:

"I'm one of those terrible guys who always want to have everything perfect immediately, but I've learned that here: You have to give things time so that they become the way you want them to be," the musician said to him "viva!" magazine. The reason for this is likely to be his organic farm that he runs on Mallorca. Maffay lives there with his wife Tania and their ten-year-old son Yaris.

In addition to wine - he grows a total of five grape varieties - he also plants vegetables and olives. He also keeps donkeys, sheep, pigs and goats. Maffay sells his products in his farm shop and sells them over the Internet. "I hope that one day the organic farm will throw away so much money that my foundation will pay off," says the 64-year-old. The Peter Maffay Foundation was founded in 2000 and enables traumatized and seriously ill children to take recreational vacations with their parents, the magazine continues.

The house of Johnny Cash and June Carter was previously owned by Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb. He has now sold it to the Texan investor James Gresham, according to a report by Rolling Stone. He plans to "turn it into a medical facility for addicts - contrary to the idea that the place should serve as a permanent memorial for the country musician who died in 2003."

After the deaths of Cash and Carter, Gibb bought the 1.8 Hector estate from their son, John Carter Cash. In 2007 it was destroyed in a fire. The "Graceland of Country Music" is now "to be redesigned based on the model of other rehab clinics owned by the investor," the specialist magazine continues.

Singer Marianne Faithfull has now raised serious allegations against her ex-boyfriend Jean de Breteuil in an interview with the music magazine "Mojo". The drug dealer is said to be responsible for the death of Jim Morrison. The front man of the legendary "The Doors" was found dead on July 3rd, 1971 in his Paris apartment. The doctor who examined the then 27-year-old musician diagnosed a cardiac arrest. The exact circumstances remained a mystery.

De Breteuil, who had provided many stars with material at the time, wanted to meet with Morrison, while Faithfull had stayed at her hotel in Paris, she said. What happened then, she describes the magazine: "He went to Jim Morrison and killed him.I'm sure it was an accident. "The heroin was too strong and the Doors front man died from it." Everyone connected with this poor guy's death is dead now. Except me.

She didn't tell the magazine why she was silent for so long.