What is a web interface

The web interface

J├╝rgen Hill
EnlargeThe web interface allows configuration using the mouse.

But back to working with the web interface. When you touch it for the first time - i.e. when you log in - I like the fact that not only the administrator password is requested here, but also a dynamic verification code to make attacks more difficult. At first glance, the web interface makes a clear impression and provides information about the device status. The few meaningful tabs such as Network, User, Firewall, Intrusion Detection and VPN suggest that configuring this enterprise appliance using the mouse should be child's play.

But that is a fallacy, because the devil of the web configuration of the U200-A is in the detail. It is anything but trivial to map the flexibility of the appliance with physical interfaces, virtual devices and different security zones or up to 256 virtual firewalls in a graphical user interface. It is precisely these three distinguishing features that the user should internalize, because in many configuration menus this is the first point that he has to select.

Technical specifications

  • Device: Enterprise security appliance SecPath U200-A.

  • Manufacturer: H3C.

  • Firewall throughput: 800 Mbit / s.

  • VPN throughput (3DES): 400 Mbit / s.

  • Antivirus throughput: 100 Mbit / s.

  • IPS throughput: 100 Mbit / s.

  • Maximum sessions : 500.000.

  • Number of IPsec tunnels: 24.000.

  • Number of security policies: 10.000.

  • Features: VPN, firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention and detection (IPS), spam filter, web filtering, protection against network attacks.

  • Price: $ 6,500