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These states can be summarized under the key terms listed below, although it should not be forgotten that they roughly simplify the complexity of each level. See table S. In the following chapters the individual chakras are explained in more detail. The chakras are also assigned elements that I am giving as they play a crucial role in understanding the character of the respective chakra. Chakra one is located at the lower end of the spine and is associated with survival.

Element: earth. Chakra two is located in the lower abdomen and is assigned to feelings and sexuality. Element: water.

Chakra three is located in the solar plexus and is assigned to inner strength, will and self-esteem. Element: fire. Chakra four is above the breastbone. It is assigned to love. Element: air. Chakra five is on the neck. It is assigned to the areas of communication and creativity. Element: sound. Chakra six is ​​in the middle of the forehead. It is assigned to clairvoyance, intuition and imagination.

Element: light. Chakra seven is at the top of the head. It is assigned to knowledge and understanding as well as to transcendental consciousness. Element: thinking. Chakras can be open or closed, too strong or too weak, 17 or somewhere in between. Their condition can be an expression of the basic aspects of a person's personality over long periods of his life or, depending on the situation, change from moment to moment.

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A weak chakra may find it difficult to adapt and is stuck either open or closed. Such a chakra needs to be healed.

One has to find out what is blocking it and remove that blockage. A chakra that is blocked in the closed state can neither generate nor absorb the energy vibrating on its level, for example love energy or communicative energy. When a chakra is blocked in the open or overactive state, all energies tend to be channeled through this level, and one uses, for example, situations of all kinds to satisfy one's desire for power or sexuality, although other behavior would be more appropriate.

A closed chakra is the chronic avoidance of certain energies, an overactive chakra the chronic fixation on them.

How much energy is given to the individual on a certain level and what quality it has, depends on how far the respective chakra is opened or closed or how well the person in question succeeds in controlling the process of opening and closing at a given time. That determines how much activity and complexity we can handle at any given level. For example, if a person's third chakra is tightly closed, they are likely to be very afraid of arguments; a person with a more open third chakra may bloom during an argument. A person with an open second chakra sexuality could juggle many sexual partners at the same time; a person whose second chakra is closed may even avoid allowing sexual feelings to arise.

When the throat chakra is too strong, the person tends to talk too much and not really listen; another brings out almost no sound. There are special exercises that help to open, discharge and strengthen the centers. But first you have to understand the system as a whole. Once you understand it, you can approach the individual levels in different ways. One can concentrate on that particular part of the body and carefully notice how it feels and behaves; Understand the philosophical functioning of the respective chakra and make use of it; check what the everyday contacts look like on the level that corresponds to the chakra.

In order to gain access to a chakra and to change the energy present in it, you can use any equivalent of the respective level. You can find out what your second chakra sexuality is like by first digging into the corresponding part of your body, abdomen and genitals. Is it in the flow, is it alive, does it hurt, is it tense, relaxed?

The physical condition reveals a lot about internal processes. The next step is to understand the meaning and function of the chakra.

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What is the importance of emotions and sexuality? What is their worth to you? How were you programmed on these issues? You could then investigate the role feelings and sexuality play in your life. Are you content?

Is giving flow effortlessly or is there fear and worry in this area? Now you can strive to improve the health of the second chakra by following any or all of the suggestions and doing exercises to relax, open or stimulate the sacral area; work with the corresponding images, colors, sounds, deities or elements.

For example, you can work with water, which is constantly moving, in a river, and use its cleansing properties by drinking plenty of water, going to a river, or going swimming.

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All of these are ways of making contact with the water element associated with the second chakra; Process your feelings and values ​​about sexuality and feelings and let your newly gained insights flow into dealing with others. These procedures, taken individually or together, can cause changes in your emotional or sexual nature. Body and mind are inextricably linked. Each part dominates and influences the other and each is accessible through the other.

The seven main chakras also form an inseparable unit. If a chakra is blocked in its function, it can affect the activity of the chakras above or below it. For example, blocked communication with the fifth chakra can lead to problems with the inner strength of the third chakra or vice versa.

Perhaps the problem is actually in the heart fourth chakra and only expresses itself in these areas because it is so deeply hidden. By dealing with the theoretical system in its entirety, the term will in future be italicized and it will be printed in more detail when we deal in detail with the individual chakras. The chakras exist in many dimensions at the same time and thus give us access to them.

On the physical level, the chakras correspond to certain parts of the body, and we can experience them as butterflies in the stomach, frogs in the throat, palpitations or as an orgasm. Working with the physical correspondences gives us the opportunity to use the chakra system to diagnose diseases and, in some cases, to heal them. In addition, various activities are assigned to the chakras.

Work is a first chakra activity as it is for survival. The music with its connection to sound and communication is assigned to the fifth chakra. Dreaming, an aspect of inner seeing, belongs to the sixth chakra. In the temporal dimension, the chakras stand for certain phases in the life of the individual, but also for cultural cycles.

A child's chakras open one after the other, starting with the first chakra, which dominates in the first year of life. As we mature into adults, the opening continues towards the crown. In the evolutionary context, the chakras correspond. The first people, whose cultural focus was on survival, lived mainly from the first Cha agriculture and ship travel marked the beginning of the age of the second chakra.

I believe that in this millennium we will leave behind the ra of the third chakra, which was all about power and energy, and enter the realm of the heart chakra, which focuses on love and compassion. These transitions are never sudden, and they are by no means unproblematic. Nevertheless, certain phases can be clearly seen in the course of history. See chapter On a spiritual level, the chakras are patterns of consciousness, belief systems that determine how we create our world and experience it.

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Seen in this way, the chakras are actually the programs that control our lives. The programs of the lower chakras contain information about our body regarding our survival, sexuality and behavior. The higher chakras open us to more universal states of consciousness and work together with our deeper beliefs about spirituality and purpose. Sometimes such a program gets stuck and we get used to dealing with the environment in the same way.

Anyone who sees his power in question in every situation only orientates himself on the third Cha kra. Anyone who is constantly struggling for health or financial survival has problems with the first chakra. Those who only live in their imagination could have got stuck in the sixth chakra.