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In principle, there are a number of options for studying abroad for one or more semesters during your studies. With the ERASMUS program, you can choose from a large number of European universities and study abroad there. The WeltWeit program enables you to stay abroad outside of Europe. Furthermore, the faculty's international programs (worldwide exclusively for business and economics students) enable you to spend specific periods abroad in the USA, Australia, Morocco, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Canada.
Of course, there is also the option of choosing the university of your choice (free mover) and clarifying issues such as financing, visas, etc. with the help of the International Office.

Yes, at the beginning of every winter semester there is an international information event organized by the International Office (AAA) on all WeltWeit programs (incl. WeltWeit exclusively for business and economics students). In addition, there is an International Day at the WiWi Faculty in November with an information stand on the programs of the WiWi Faculty. The exact date will be announced in good time under News. **

** Please note the current changes and information in connection with the corona pandemic.

The next possible dates for the tests can be found here:

Bachelor students should apply in the 3rd semester in order to complete their stay abroad in the 5th or 6th semester.

Master’s students should ideally apply in the 1st semester of their master’s degree in order to be able to study abroad from the 3rd semester onwards.

Please note the information on the respective program pages!

Yes absolutely! In order not to experience any nasty surprises after returning from abroad, you should always consult with the relevant supervisor in advance when choosing your foreign subjects whether the subject can be included (credit transfer).