How do I advise couples

Advice for couples


“Freedom from fear and coercion may be the hallmark of a good partnership, but it is not the forerunner.” (David Schnarch)


Are you in a relationship but it's complicated and you are not as comfortable with your partner as you would like?

Unfulfilled wishes, communication difficulties, conflicts due to different needs and expectations lead time and again to unsightly situations, burden your partnership and threaten love?

Are you afraid that you will no longer be able to cope with the demands of the relationship and are you facing a breakup that you want to avoid? Do you or your partner have jealousy or low sexual desire? - These are just a few of the issues that are often debated between partners. Fears of attachment or the feeling of loving more than the partner can lead to relationship crises in which they need help.

Maybe you just want to get more out of your partnership, are looking for mutual growth and new experiences, but you don't know how to communicate or find a common path?

In one-on-one conversations or together with your partner, I will look for solutions and new ways to shape your relationship.

Relationship problems are a great opportunity for partnership and personal growth.

Relationships determine our life. As social beings, we are in contact with other people from birth. Here we find love, affection and confirmation, experience our possibilities and limits. However, when relationships become a problem, it often affects our overall personal space and well-being.

In relationships, lack of clarity about one's own wishes, weaknesses and strengths as well as fears and injuries can lead to destructive behavior patterns and endanger the relationship. Make your relationship a place of trust, mutual understanding and happiness again! I am happy to advise and support you.

The goals are to strengthen your personal self-esteem, to break down confrontational attitudes, to identify and identify weaknesses and strengths of the relationship, and to recognize and develop your individual and common resources.