Aromatherapy changes your mood

Tips from aromatherapy

"Small power packs from nature"

In a six square meter study in Sulzberg, Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nübling and friends founded a production facility for 100% natural essential oils 30 years ago. Today PRIMAVERA is the market leader in Germany and a competent manufacturer trusted by health food stores.

When you started 30 years ago, aromatic oils were very rare. How has the perception of aromatherapy changed to this day?

Ute Leube: We started to produce aromatic oils ourselves because the existing qualities weren't enough for us at the time. Organic farming was something for nuts and muesli eaters, that has changed a lot. Today organic farming and aromatherapy have found their way into all areas of life. This is fantastic!

Kurt L. Nübling: What happens to people, how the facial expression changes when they smell the aromatic oils ... These little powerhouses from nature can, like music, immediately change the mood - we know that from our own experience and it has been proven by studies. It is great that today we have the opportunity to use these effects everywhere and also meet with an open mind.

What makes PRIMAVERA so successful?

Ute Leube: Quality and partnerships. Our production facilities are our heart, we wanted to go to the source back then and we wanted full control and transparency from the seed to the filled bottle in order to be able to produce the best quality for our customers. Over the past 30 years we have built projects and friendships from which the quality of our oils still benefits today.

Kurt L. Nübling: In 1990 we initiated the organic lemongrass project in Bhutan. This connection has been cultivated in close cooperation ever since. Under the guidance of their partner Bio-Bhutan, members of the farmers' cooperative began producing an exclusive natural soap in 2011. Today this enables 100 families to lead a self-determined life. The soaps have been integrated into PRIMAVERA editions since 2012 and are part of our CSR activities, because sales proceeds are proportionally returned to the manufactory. In this way we help to generate more added value for Bhutan.

What are your personal favorite oils?

Kurt L. Nübling: I always have mint and lavender with me to relax when I travel. Neroli is my personal miracle drug that I like to apply to the solar plexus. And sandalwood belongs to me like my own smell. If someone is not a fan of candle-operated fragrance lamps, there are also modern alternatives such as nebulizers and atmospheric electric fragrance lamps in different colors.

Ute Leube: I particularly like to smell neroli and the woody, citrus-like smell of the giant fir. Every day I have peppermint and lavender in my pocket - because I can treat all small ailments with them. My little tip: Do you know the felt plasters that are stuck under chair legs? Drizzle your favorite oil on it and stick it to the inside of your clothes. You can't see anything and the scent accompanies you all day!