What is a drainage system

What is property drainage?

The waste water is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner via a holistic drainage system, consisting of the private pipes (property drainage) and the public canals (sewer system).

The property drainage is a system for the drainage of the wastewater and rainwater from the building drainage to the sewer system or another disposal facility (e.g. small sewage treatment plant) 1. It usually consists of underground pipes and the connection sewer. The connection channel is the line from the connection nozzle or branch on the public sewer to the first cleaning opening on the property (e.g. transfer shaft on the property boundary, inspection shaft in / on the house or inspection opening in the basement, or - if there is no cleaning opening - up to the property boundary (Fig 1, Fig. 2) [2]. Underground pipes are inaccessible under the base plate of the building or sewer pipes laid in the ground that connect to the connection channel [3] Lifting station to be pumped.


Image 1 (left): Definition of terms for property drainage systems (Image: grundstuecks-entwaesserung.de)

Fig. 2 (right): Definitions of terms for property drainage systems(Image: grundstuecks-entwaesserung.de)

If the wastewater is diverted separately to rainwater and wastewater in separate pipes, this is referred to as a separation system. If dirt and rainwater get into a common drainage system, this is called a mixed system.


Image 3 (left): Mixing system (Image: grundstuecks-entwaesserung.de)

Image 4 (right): Separation system (Image: grundstuecks-entwaesserung.de)

The interface between the private and the public drainage area is defined by the municipality in the drainage statute.

Different definitions for the interface that are common in practice are (Figure 5):

  • Inspection shaft on the property (1) or property boundary (2),
  • Nozzles or branches on the public sewer (3),
  • Building outer edge.

The private drainage area - and thus the area of ​​responsibility of the property owner - includes the entire property drainage up to the defined interface.

Image 5: Possible interfaces between the property drainage and the public sewer (Image: grundstuecks-entwaesserung.de)

As the property owner, you are responsible for the proper manufacture, function and maintenance of your property drainage system. Ignorance of possible harm does not relieve you of responsibility.