Is the company good or bad

Unfortunately bad experience ...
Of Friederich on 05/05/2021

... and stubborn insistence on a questionable point of view regarding the description of the battery compatibility.

Deep well pump TDP 5500 E
Of from the break on May 4th, 2021

The pump does not deliver the pressure specified in the technical data. Trotec refused to give me the guarantee / repair because I had the electr. I shortened the connecting cable, 23 meters, by about half, because I didn't want to leave another 12 meters of cable hanging in the assembly area. I got this information from a Trotec employee with whom I phoned about this. I will never recommend Trotec again and certainly not buy there any more, good afternoon.

Bad service
Of customer on April 30, 2021

Accidentally gave the address of a field office when ordering. The invoice was issued to this address. My request to change the invoice to my address was only given in after paying a service fee of 15 € .. unbelievable!

Of Besnik Berisha on April 27, 2021

Hello Trotec team, I order from you very often and delivery always comes quickly, but this time you failed. I've been waiting for a fan heater since April 5th, 2021 and until today it still hasn't come and on the phone I am always put off that week 15 is coming, of course the kW 15 has not come then I was told week 16 will of course not come, on the phone there was a call then told me again week 17 is coming and has not come again until today, I just wonder where the dividers come from China definitely not because we have been there for a long time. Wish is even faster than you. PS: I don't get an answer by mail either, just bills and nothing else. Hats off to the Trotec team.

Thermal camera
Of Patrick Schultheiss on April 22nd, 2021

I'm super satisfied. The advice was good and I am delighted with the camera. The delivery took a few days but not too long.

A € 3553.13 TAC M room air filter was already defective on delivery!
Of ASE Airsoftevents UG on April 22nd, 2021

Unfortunately, you are quickly dismissed by phone and at least a quick response is provided through PayPal buyer protection. - PS: an online shop that does not send out customer service for online customers. It's a shame, I didn't have the information beforehand! Here is the correspondence, so everyone can get an idea: April 20, 2021 at 17:38:33 CEST The device repeatedly jumps into "fault", operation is not possible. Unfortunately, we were given very poor advice on the phone by a young lady and only dismissed us. Now the device should be picked up again ... Whether there is a replacement device or a new device needs to be repaired, no idea ... T Trotec GmbH April 21, 2021 at 08:54:21 CEST Devices have an extra hotline when you call customer service, as not all employees can be trained on the special air purifiers. We therefore ask for your forbearance. The process was set up for repair so that the device can be repaired by a technician in our workshop. With best regards, A ASE Airsoftevents UG April 22nd, 2021 at 06:35:37 CEST ... and the lady in customer service doesn't come up with the idea to connect us there or give us the extension? We bought the device because, among other things, on April 26th. have sold a training course where we advertise such a device on our premises. Now a new device is supposed to be repaired in your workshop because several error messages are displayed. Our trust in this device and your servide is already at zero without a single hour of operation! I beg your forbearance! T Trotec GmbH April 22, 2021 at 08:46:32 CEST The hotline is displayed on the website for the device and an announcement is made in the normal customer service hotline. No mistake was made by the employee here. Ultimately, you ordered online and the correct customer service team handled the process. Since we do not send out any sales representatives for online customers, the device will be checked in our workshop and sent back to you as soon as possible. With best regards

Prepaid but not delivered on time!
Of Doctor's office is looking for air purifiers on April 21, 2021

I ordered an Airclean go One for my practice against Corona. They said to me; If I pay in advance I would get it immediately. Because it is in action. Today I asked, I will not get it until 19 May Then the pandemic is over and the device does not do its job! I'm downright kidding. One produces with our money or what should be sent to us was sent somewhere else! Never again TROTEC! Too bad for the name. I will write it everywhere. Dr med Fikret Yildiz

Advertising to customers is more expensive than in the shop
Of Customer from the area of ​​Trotec on April 14th, 2021

As a multiple customer, I had received Trotec's advertising for the air purifiers by email. Of course I wanted to be quick during this time and ordered two 250 E models for € 449.95. About a week later, the device was advertised cheaper in the weekly newspaper for € 50 each. I wrote to the company saying that this is not how you deal with regular customers. Unfortunately, I only got a meaningless answer. At least it is now also reduced to € 399.95 in the online shop. In terms of the device, of course, as always, it is a lot of plastic and it is unfortunately not possible to understand whether it really does its job. It's enough for a clear conscience ..

Waiting for the goods for weeks and no binding delivery date from Trotec!
Of RenTei on April 12th, 2021

4 weeks ago I ordered and paid for a type DS 30 dehumidifier for over 2300 € from Trotec! According to the online shop, the dehumidifier was not in stock and only available from week 13 (last week / before Easter) and on Ebay Trotec offered the same model in larger quantities as "Immediately available" (1-3 days). That's why I called the Trotec hotline, and they told me that 3 dehumidifiers were still in stock, then I ordered and paid for the dehumidifier via the Trotec online shop within a few minutes because I urgently need the dehumidifier. After ordering and paying after contacting the hotline, I was informed that the information would go to the warehouse so that the dehumidifier would be shipped promptly. After a few days I called again and was told that the dehumidifier was out of stock and that it was a faulty item. Error stock ?? 3 devices for € 2300 each are not in stock? Now week 13 has been over for almost 1 week and when I asked again by phone I was informed that in week 14 there should be 5 devices. However, a binding statement looks different! When I asked for the definition of “should”, I was only informed that you don't know whether the goods will arrive this week. At Trotec, which is the manufacturer of the dehumidifier, you don't have the opportunity to check whether and when the goods will arrive? “Poor certificate!” With such a logistics service, the sales slogan “Made in Germany” suggests “Made in China” and the dehumidifier is in some shipping container on the way to Europe! So this is service that you would not have expected from a German company! Update: Trotec only informed me of one more delivery date postponement. The new "estimated" delivery date is in 3 weeks. I have now canceled the order.

Rotating laser BD7A
Of H. Maidhof on March 25th, 2021

Full of enthusiasm, because of the unbeatable low price, I had the BD7A rotating laser sent to me. How big the disappointment after putting the device into operation: It is definitely NOT a rotating laser! Cross line or line laser, those would be the correct names for this, because you will look in vain for a rotating laser head.