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Star Wars: Why Finn is so good with the lightsaber

Have you also sat in the cinema and in Star Wars: The Force Awakens wondered why Finn apparently effortlessly with a lightsaber can fight?

Warning: spoiler warning! The article goes explicitly to the events of Episode 7a. If you want to see the film, just come back later.

Finn and the lightsaber

Finn takes Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in Episode 7 equal several times in the fight With. He fights with the lightsaber against the riot stormtrooper - which the Internet has given the name TR-8R - and against Kylo Ren. Goes for many Finn too good with the lightsaber um - normally the fight with the noble sword was reserved for Jedi only.

But there is an amazingly simple explanation - Marco Risch tells you in his nerd culture special about the background of Starwars betrays. Because the short story collection Star Wars: Before Awakening reveals that Finn does very well Completed hand-to-hand combat lessons Has.

Like all the other stormtroopers, Finn was with them Melee weapons how Fighting sticks and the Z6 Riot Control baton educated. Handling a weapon like the sword is therefore not entirely unknown to him.

Still, he's not used to fighting with a sword - and subject to the better trained and equipped TR-8R (which is actually called FN-2199).

You can see everything about the background in the video that we have included for you at the top, in the header of this news.

Competition: Snowtrooper from S.P.A.C.E. characters

At the end of his video, Marco mentions a competition. Together with S.P.A.C.E. He raffles figures for two snow troopers Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back. The Competition takes place on Facebook. We have included the post below these lines. You can find the competition conditions here.

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