Is the Chennai Zoo worth a visit


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The city of Chennai, which was called Madras until 1996, is located on the southeast coast of India, directly on the Bay of Bengal. With a population of just under 5 million, Chennai is one of the largest cities in India. Chennai used to be one of the British centers in India.

The most famous attraction in Chennai is Marina Beach. With a length of 13 kilometers, the sandy beach is the second longest in the entire world. A special delicacy for which the beach is known is Pattani Sundal, a snack made from peas, mustard and coriander.

The Kishkinta, India's largest theme park, also provides breathtaking entertainment. Based on the western Disneyland, you can spend wonderful afternoons here with roller coaster and 3D cinema. Also worth a visit are the breathtaking Hindu Krishna temples, some of which can be found in Chennai.

The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust Park is recommended for animal lovers. This is a zoo specializing in reptiles in the middle of the city, home to many endangered species. The local transport system in Chennai is considered to be very good. It is widely ramified and offers travelers the opportunity to get from A to B quickly. There is also a direct rail link to nearby Chennai Internationl Airport.

The city of Chennai has a lot to offer for young and old and it is definitely worth a visit.


Chennai International Airport

Chennai International Airport is located in southeast India, near the city of Chennai. As it is only 5 kilometers from the city of Chennai, it is very centrally located. After Mumbai and Delhi, it is the country's largest airport and the main hub for southern India.

However, the number of flights with around 8 million passengers a year is not quite as large. The freight volume is around 230 tons per year.

Established in 1932, Chennai International Airport is the oldest in all of India. The airport has 3 terminals. 2 of them are for domestic flights. Terminal 3, also known as Anna terminal, is intended for international passengers.

The medical station at the airport is considered to be the best in the country. In addition to numerous exclusive lounges, the Anna Terminal also offers shopping opportunities in the form of duty free shops, bookshops and pharmacies. If you forgot to send your holiday mail, there is also a post office at the terminal that is open around the clock.

There are also areas in which travelers can surf the Internet for free using the airport's own WiFi access. As the only airport in all of India, Chennai International Airport also has a connection to the local railway line, which means that travelers can get to the city quickly and safely.