How do coupon codes work


1. Create an app voucher and then create an account (user account):

Click on "Step 1: Select the app voucher

Search in the categories and select a design or upload your own design under "Upload my own design".
(Please use our two templates for your own designs: Logo template or image template)

Click on "Next Step"

Your text / your address
Enter e.g. your company name, address, phone number, e-mail etc. in the mask.
e.g .:

Musterstrasse 1, 5300 Musterstadt

Tel. 01234/456 78 90
info @

If you want, you can also upload your logo under "Upload my own logo".
On the right, you can always immediately see what your app voucher will look like.

Click on "Next Step"


App voucher package

Now select your suitable voucher package.

DONE :-) Your app voucher is now completely designed.

You now have the option of adding further app vouchers immediately.
When you are done, please click on "Checkout".

Now create your account (your user account) or log into your existing account.
Registering for the app voucher management program is free. No one-time fee, no running costs.

IMPORTANT: After you have set up your account, you will receive a confirmation link by email.
Please activate your user account in this way and set your password at the same time.
You need the password in order to be able to log into your user account later.

Choose from three different payment options:
PayPal, credit card or instant transfer. Check your order again and click on "Buy now".
Immediately after payment, your app voucher package is activated in your account and ready for use.


2. App voucher shipping (your customer buys an app voucher from you):

A customer comes to you and decides to buy an app voucher for - e.g. - 100 euros. Log into your account (user account) and click on "My packages". Select the right design and issue an app voucher via e.g. For example, select 100 euros, select the currency and the validity and CASH the amount. Now ask your customer how you should send the app voucher.

There are 2 possibilities:
1. The customer would like to receive the app voucher by SMS on his mobile phone.
To do this, enter your mobile phone number in the mask (please include the country code, e.g. 0049 ...) and press "Issue app voucher".

2. The customer would like to receive the app voucher by email. Enter the desired e-mail address and click on "Issue app voucher".

Now your customer has the app voucher on their mobile phone or in their email program. The customer can now use the app voucher e.g. B. Send as a gift to a person.

3. Redemption of the app voucher (your customer would like to pay with the app voucher):

The app voucher owner (recipient) comes to your shop and wants to pay with the app voucher. You scan the QR code from the app voucher with your mobile phone (with an app e.g. a QR code reader) and an entry window will open on your mobile phone.

After you have entered your password for the account, the relevant app voucher appears and you can check how much can still be debited or whether the voucher is still valid. You now have the option of debiting the outstanding amount. You can use a preview to check the entries again and correct them if necessary. As soon as you have confirmed the debit, the new balance appears immediately after a brief update on you and your customer on the mobile phone.

Finished! The payment process with the app voucher is over!


Document of these instructions for download.