What is it like to learn Kotlin


Learn Kotlin by developing functional applications

Learn Kotlin through practice

Learn Kotlin with instant feedback

Learn Kotlin with the assistance you need

JetBrains Academy

Learn to program by developing functional applications with JetBrains Academy, a project-based learning platform.

Learning by programming

Don't settle for lectures - learn by developing. Select a project and work through a curriculum that includes all of the concepts needed to create it. Take on the challenge of applying what you have learned in your applications.

See context

Discover new topics and projects that will be activated for you based on your learning progress. Navigate the Knowledge Map showing your progress, the full scope of the topics available, and the connections between them.

Learn from your IDE

Familiarize yourself with professional tools and become an accomplished developer. Take advantage of the full integration of the platform with JetBrains IDEs as you work with your projects.

Atomic Kotlin

The book Atomic Kotlin by Bruce Eckel and Svetlana Isakova contains numerous learning resources. It brings Kotlin close to both beginners and experienced programmers and does not require any prior knowledge of Java. The book is now available in Early Access.

The book is complemented by the course, which includes a number of code samples and smaller tasks with automatic review and available answers.

For more information, see the course quick start guide

Integration of Stepik

Stepik is a platform for learning management and MOOC through which lecturers can privately share courses with you. Stepik has many publicly available courses that you can access from your IDE.

Progress synchronization

If you enjoy learning the theory on Stepik but want to do coding exercises in the IDE, don't worry about your course progress: it will be synced between the two platforms.

Import more courses

You can import any Stepik course with programming tasks and edit it directly in the IDE. You can easily switch to Stepik and back at any time.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) hosted on Stepik

Tasks solved by Stepik participants

Professional environment

Productivity features such as intelligent code completion, code inspections, a visual debugger and much more not only increase your learning productivity, but also help you to switch seamlessly to other JetBrains tools later.

Flexible, sophisticated work environment

Feel at home in your IDE and work focused and distraction-free - with customizable color schemes and keyboard layouts as well as all look-and-feel settings that you can configure as you wish.

Learn faster with an intelligent editor

Use the language-specific syntax and error highlighting to avoid code errors. Learn how to correctly design your code using code formatting, and access the helpful suggestions for code completion and the documentation quick view at any time.

Run and debug code

Run your code to see if everything is correct. Use the powerful debugger with the graphical user interface to find errors: set breakpoints, execute your code step by step and benefit from the entirety of the information available to you.