How do you personalize your hotel stay

Contactless stay at the Hotel Alpenblick Bern - quick, easy and safe

Use our digital services during your hotel stay for check-in, access to your hotel room and check-out!

With ourdigital services we enable our guests a contactless and safe stay in our hotel rooms.

The innovative service offers you a stress-free service from home or on the go Online check-in. With the Mobile Key on your mobile phone you can go straight to your room without waiting at reception. Alternatively, you can Self check-in desk available next to the reception. For more flexibility and time savings on the day of departure, we recommend the Online check-out. Just try it out and discover the contactless hotel stay.

  • Ticketing

    Book your hotel stay in our Hotel Alpenblick directly online our official website. You benefit from our Best price guarantee, flexible cancellation conditions and receive 1 jar of honey from our in-house bees on the roof of the Hotel Alpenblick as a thank you for your direct booking. For a contactless arrival, we recommend that you provide all relevant contact details and your credit card details when booking.

  • Registration

    A few days before your arrival you will receive an email invitation from us Online check-in as well as important and useful information about your stay. For a contactless arrival and to save time, follow the instructions for online check-in and add any missing contact details. Even the Registration form can be filled out and signed directly online. So that you can Mobile key automatically on your smartphone on the day of your arrival, enter your mobile phone number including the country code during online check-in and install the JustIn Mobile App on your smartphone.

  • getting there

    On the day of your arrival, the Mobile Key is automatically activated in your JustIn Mobile App, provided that you have registered for it prior to arrival. At the Self check-in desk alternatively stand next to the reception a conventional key card contactless on site out.

  • departure

    Before you leave, we will send you an email invitation to Online check-out. Make yours Farewell stress-free and use the quick and easy online check-out, which gives you more time for the things that are important.

Why your direct booking is worthwhile:

  • 1 jar of honey from our own bees ✓
  • Best price guarantee ✓
  • No hidden fees ✓
  • Encrypted connection ✓