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"Wake-up call"

Association magazine of the "Time travel e.V. "

Association for role play, live role play and tangible history

…and much more! Also: appointments, events and contacts

Armed forces in front of the Ober-Olmer youth center

About us

Hi guys!

We would like to introduce our association to you in more detail.

We organize RPG-Cons, various events, excursions

to medieval markets, visits to historical sites, and

of course also regular game rounds.

We also offer Vampire Live once a month and

regularly take part in a wide variety of LARPs. And

For all these actions we are of course still looking for members who

want to support us in our goals or just want to support ourselves

look forward to our offer.

We look forward to you!

Medieval dance course in the youth center

~ 2 ~

LARP visit to Gullminne 12

... at the clothing workshop ...

It is finished!

No, of course we are not talking about an emaciated, dry one

Man in a white robe and a flowing beard, gazing down

Heaven judges, and breathes its life out on a crossed wooden beam!

But from the new edition of the wake-up call that lies ahead of you, the

Association magazine of the Time travel e.V. Like the guy on the cross, the

Everyone involved worked a lot of blood and sweat, luckily not quite

cost so many tears. And now it is in your hands, the fruit

our ...

…Oh whatever. You don't care at all, do you? Rather, want to

you know what to expect on the next few pages, am I right?

Well, first of all we have two little Con reports, one of them

HamsterCon in Mörfelden, and a somewhat more exotic one (because it is further away)

from the LindenCon in Leipzig, namely.

This is followed by a fairly detailed and entertainingly written article

our unloved "friends" in the RPG the NSCs. that this much more

can be, as only marginal information carriers that deal with the

correct codeword can be put into action, and how to get out of a

one-dimensional decal a three-dimensional NSC can make,

you can read it there.

Next up are two posts on role-playing games. First will be a short one

Opinion on the new D&D 4.0 presented. And after that you can

longer and very current report on the upcoming Warhammer FRP 3.0

read, in which both the information available so far is summarized,

as well as being viewed critically.

Another treat is the following report on the historical how

socially very interesting person Hildegard von Bingen you

Life, her teachings and works, as well as a suggestion for a historical

Excursion on Hildegard's trail. This report also marks the beginning of a

Series of articles about historically interesting events, people and

Locations around Mainz and Rheinhessen that will be included in the upcoming wake-up calls

Publications should be continued.

Then we briefly change the medium, because the next thing we will present to you

a short review of the unjustifiably completely unknown in this country

British TV series Being Human (albeit a new one).

And the board games shouldn't be neglected this time either. A

rather entertaining presentation brings the two also quite unknown

Board games Galaxy Trucker and Space Alert on the table.

And last but not least, we serve you fresh from our brains

Employees two short stories that are well worth reading The divine art of

War and tourist trap.

Soo, but now enough talked about, and straight into the fun!

Have fun!

Your wake-up call editors

~ 3 ~

On the weekend from August 7th to 9th

it was that time again, the seventh

HamsterCon called (with your this year's

Motto "The 7 dwarf hamsters"), and we

answered (by numerous

Appear). After the very beautiful

Last year's conventions were the

Expectations are of course very high this time,

and so on Fridays from 2 p.m., and

Spread over the entire weekend

about 60 people to get back to 3

Days in a row their hobbies (role play

and / or board and card games)

indulge. The location was once again the

Community hall in Mörfelden-Walldorf for

Available with a large hall with

several game tables, two rooms in the

first floor and second floor, and even

a stage separated by curtains

(ideal for atmospheric horror role-playing games)

could wait. Only one

Shortcoming: The parking situation on

Building is rather bad, and so must

a short walk

take when parking 2 blocks away.

If you role-play all day

you will of course at some point

hungry, and she was also hungry

otherwise very good organization thought. The

Breakfast was in the entry price of 5, -

Euro (for every 3 days) included, and

lunch and dinner were always served

available for purchase. The offer

included pasta with 3 different

Sauces, and grilled on Saturday nights

and salads. Who with the homemade

and freshly bought to order

Food that sells at fair prices

was not happy, had in

the immediate vicinity of the con site

additionally various possibilities of

Food procurement.

In addition to the role play, the

Visually well-designed flyers especially with

HamsterCon 7

A Con report from Michael Stops

~ 4 ~

the "flagship" of HamsterCon

advertised that already last year

successful "Brawl" tournament. Participation

at that was free, and to

there was a win for the three

First place prizes in total value

from about 50 euros. With a little

Delay (because after further comrades-in-arms

was searched), but with highly motivated

Participants were then the tournament

started, and with Niels Peter achieved

even one Time travel-Club member in

a hectic and nerve-wracking one

Final the tournament victory.

But now to the really essential one

RPG convention the role play.

There were playgroups around the clock

various systems. From Shadowrun

via Arcane Codex and DSA to

Cthulhu and also lesser known ones

Systems was something for all interests

at the same time, partly directly

Publishing support. Also the members of the organization

offered many a round. Quite a few

had some exciting adventures to which

he will remember fondly.

And if one or the other

Role-play the tiredness

overwhelmed, you could feel in at night

the rooms on the upper floors, or

directly on the stage by means of brought along

Some sleeping bags and sleeping mats

Treat yourself to soothing hours of rest.

After this absolutely worthwhile and

We look forward to a fun weekend

next year and hope to be there too

meet a lot of nice role-players again

learn and meet old friends again


For questions or suggestions, criticism and

The organization can be reached at:


It was Tuesday evening again, and me

drove to the role-play meeting on Tuesdays as always

at 7:00 p.m. in Nieder-Olm.

I've been there for about half a year

a very good troop to play with, and

we already have a lot of new ones

Play systems alluded to. Just like that too

of course some classics like “Seventh

See "," Space Gothic "or D&D. The latter

I manage myself.

So I arrived in Nieder-Olm and laid down

took off my rucksack and was asked

if I wouldn't like to go to the Linden-Con

ride along. I said, sure, gladly! And

then I found out that this was in Leipzig

would take place. How should I be there

come there? My concern became

but directly absent-minded, because M. wanted

drive and take me with you. For € 25 there

and back, that sounded like a good one

Deal. I agreed. Informed later

I then go into a little more detail on the

Homepage of the Con:

The 7. Leibziger Lindencon should be from

June 26th to 28th in the Kulturwerk

- instead of KAOS (art, action, objects

and game) take place a building

which besides various options

for artistic activities

(quasi workshops) also the child and

The city's youth cultural center houses.

It is organized by

Members of the association “Spielraum

LE “, who made it their business

has the hobby of role-playing in and around

To make Leipzig better known.

It started a few weeks later.

After a fun ride, a awaited us

huge building and many, very many

People. The terrain itself was great

nicely furnished with two ponds.

7th Leipzig LindenCon (2009)

A report by Lukas Schätzel

~ 3 ~

"Man, is there a big con!", Thought

I. Good thing I went with you.

First of all, I had to learn how to do that

works with the game rounds. For that has

the organization of the con so-called time blocks

divided into which the rounds then

occur. There are some friends with that

maybe directly parallel to each other,

star or end never collide with them

Rounding another block of time.

In between the time blocks there is something like that

fixed breaks in which players and

Game master some food and rest

can which in my opinion is a

very good idea.

In order to take part in this round,

you have to look in different lists

enter. There was only one problem -

the entry in these lists was made by the

Mass of players incredibly difficult.

There was pushed, kicked, bitten,

trampled on the feet just to be considered

first came on the lists. Pogo dancing is

nothing against it! Except for the first stress

The atmosphere when I entered it was great

relaxed, as it has been on everyone else

Conventions that I have attended.

In the first block of time I have D&D

played, then even D&D in the night block

directed. In the morning block I have

Star Wars played to then im

In the afternoon block again to D&D myself

conduct. The not to be underestimated

Advantage as a game master: You had to sign up for

of course no longer in one's own lap

Enter lists! On my first

Try to enroll myself in one

someone stood up for 1 minute

my foot until he noticed that the

Ground under him was alive ..

In the following blocks (evening and

Night block) I then have D&D again

directed especially since I asked

whether I wanted to continue to be the game master.

And in the night block, the D&D

Game master from the previous day even with me

teamed up and we got in the

A huge orc festival from the night

Nothing invented. It was cool during the

Game to improvise with him.

And it was really fun

along with the 9 players this one

Scenario to be recorded. I also have

met my current girlfriend.

So of course I was doubly happy

was to have gone with you - I would have it

otherwise maybe not met.

In between there were many interesting ones

Acts: torch dance, storyteller etc.

In total there were actually so many

Things that I don't care anymore

remember exactly the details.

The food was cheap, but since I was

The game master had taken the con package,

I was well looked after from the start.

~ 4 ~

There was a cup for that

unlimited coffee and tea, and 2x

Breakfast. All in all, I am on

only once during the whole weekend

Have to buy food, and otherwise

I was taken care of by my players

who didn't want me to take a break

and pause the game.

Overall it was a great one

Weekend! My cost for this

Con total to something

over 30 euros, of which 25 euros return

Return journey and € 5 Con package with coffee

and tea flat rate. My conclusion is therefore (as

Con beginners) that big cons arguably

are great. It's a lot of fun, and

if you are a game master yourself and enjoy it

then this is a good option

to find players.

If the time goes well, I'll come

definitely back next year! And

I hope I could show your interest too

wake up for this con.


How one NSCs designed to be interesting and sophisticated a suggestion for game masters

by Constantin Künzl

Welcome, dear readers, to one

another expedition into the desert lands

beyond the game director's screen. The being

to which we pay our attention today

want to dedicate is that NSC, also NPC

or called the game master figure a

fascinating creature, its real

Unfortunately, potential is all too often misunderstood.

But what is actually, a NSC? Where

does it occur? What is he eating? Is he day

or nocturnal? Does he live in packs, right?

does he hunt alone? Well that NSC do all that

and much more! Because he exists in

all shapes and colors, it mixes

among the people and is ideally from his

closest living relative, the

Player character, indistinguishable.

But unfortunately that is all too seldom the case.

Because too often are NSC only decals,

bad copies of characters, sidekicks

or experience point donor. How

it came about that such a noble being

could fall deep? Is the NSC not that

Marrow and blood of the game world? Helps the

NSC not only through his actions

Game world to life and credibility?

That's the way it is. But still he introduces

Shadow existence, enslaved under the

His wicked cousin's boot heel of

Player character. Let's have a look

on the daily life and death of the

NSC. Our field researchers have signed up

Dedication of their lives in deep vaults and

go to distant planets to see the NSC

in its natural environment too


SL: Well, the aisle is getting narrower and

leads down more steeply than before.

The ceiling height is about

two meters ... and strange

Signs and tangled

Relief patterns cover the


Player 1: Oh, damn it. Uh, let it go

see. Do I see the signs?

~ 5 ~

SL: Give the character sheet ... yes.

It is about Yourhe opinion

after around dark elf runes.

But you can't read it

that's enough Your Worth not.

Player 2: Oh shh ... I bet that

Thing is full of traps.

Player 3: Yeah, it looks like it. Can I

holes in the wall somewhere

detect? Loose panels on

Soil and stuff?

SL: Take a look at perception

... okay. You think between

small holes in the reliefs

to see the wall, but you

are you not sure ...

Player 1: That's enough! I am not going there

purely. I'm not stupid, they are

definitely poisoned.

Player 3: Yes, but we have to go through this

otherwise we can right away

go home.

Player 2: Wait a minute. What if

someone traps for us

triggers ... I still have it

my mercenary there.

SL: Oh, I had it all now

to forget. Have you during

the trip at all rations for

wiped him off?

Player 2: Uh ... yeah yeah. I tell him that he

proceed and scout.

Or stop! I tell him he is

should run forward as fast as he can

so maybe he solves all the traps

for us.

Do you notice something? What you see here

is the use of a so-called mine clearance character,

a nameless one NSC,

which is sent forward so that the PCs can

come to their place of work. The poor NSC

is just a caricature of his heroic

fellown. He does all the work that

dirty, vicious, or deadly.

When there is excess luggage to carry

gives the NSC wear it. If there is a

Minefield to clear the NSC

makes it. The example you got up here

was able to read is just one of many

Scenarios that take place daily at gaming tables

play around the globe. What are

the reasons for this condition? Is the

NSC worth about less just because he's no

Has character sheet? Let's take a look

another example.

SL: Dragor steps out of the gate of the

Fortress and says: ‘Has mine

So father new chain dogs

found the one for him

Getting your fingers dirty. Listen

to, King Grador is not that

noble ruler for whom you him

hold ... ‘

Player 1: Yeah, blah blah. I rush forward and

hit with my ax.

That was quick, wasn't it? communication

With NSCUnfortunately, it is often down to the bare minimum

limited. Information, fight and

Death, healing and other services

Unfortunately, that's often all that a NSC

contributes to the success of one

To contribute game evenings. How come

A player character is often a simple one

Farm boy or a runaway

Princess, but it is in these roots

the potential for epic heroism. The

NSC is everything else a mugger,

a wise magician, an Amazon. And

but he often doesn't make it out of his couple

to break out lean scenes and more

to be really played.

Its mostly short existence is limited

on an opponent or plot tool too

his, but as a person he remains with the players

rarely remembered.

Of course, this is not the case in all game worlds

the case. Narrative systems, such as

the "World of Darkness" series, see

~ 6 ~

exactly the other way around: here they are

Player characters initially marginal characters,

while the NSCs princes, primogenes and

represent so on. "Call of Cthulhu"

lives on atmospheric, frugal

used NSCsee in many systems

you can even meet gods, so that all

the complaints about the misunderstood NSCs

sound a little hollow. But is that

Is that the case in daily gaming life?

Are the NSCs there mysterious and powerful?

Are they convincing or at least

remotely human (elfish,

dwarfish, hobbitic ...) recognizable? Unfortunately

the players lose the desire to join a

NSC to devote in depth if they want to

hundredth farmer Wutz in a row

encounter, or all chance encounters

called Alrik on the highway also the

Women ...

Something can be changed about that. But who

can do that? The answer is: you,

dear game master, because ideally

you create yours NSC even in Yourhe

Hand lies its better and worse. How

very should be his NSC at all

working out? And what makes a good one

credible NSC out? Are clichés

damnable or adorable?

You have to have the answers to all of these questions

Find yourself. But a few

You can already be given suggestions,

in order to Youre creation also lives, and

not just sluggishly shuffles along on the

Search for brain and life.

Let's start with the last question: what

is with the clichés? They are chasing us

whenever we are at the gaming table

place and unpack the cubes. Every elf

wears green and has a bow. Everyone

Dwarf has an ax and smells like beer.

Every prince is blonde, at least the good guys.

Clichés are useful, they create one

certain security. An old one

Vettel on the wayside becomes a hero

of course crowing of valuable prophecies,

if he has mercy on her, and

give her a few coins and a drink

Wine donated. Every tavern has of course

a fat host with a mustache and

young, pretty bar maids. These are

the images that each of us knows. And you

have their place, because they convey one

Embassy. The old woman as the porter

magical wisdom is a topos as old as

humanity itself. The quiet one

paternal figure of the host and the

carefree youth of the bar maids

bring exactly the mood that

one as a role player with a tavern

the safe haven of the heroes and

Adventurer - connects. So clichés are

old friends. But you don't want them all

Day at the door. If in

every town the tavern would look the same,

then at some point you would

Simply skip tavern scenes.

If the killer is always the gardener

then you can do the detective work

save and equal to the bloody flower grower

run down the door. Then the

NSC to the flat decal that little

does more than say his little saying

to then be flattened by the SC or

just to be ignored and we

would not be a step further. What must

to do the NSC from the clutches

to free a cliché? You could him

give a story. But if you can

for every briefly emerging marginal character

think about a background

then you would soon be very much

disappointed because the PCs will be safe

don't ask everyone if their parents

were murdered by orcs or the undead,

or which old princely families

mingled in his family.

One would be frustrated again because of the

Player doesn't realize which jewel you get

thought up. But you can have a cliché

also break by being targeted

evokes a certain mood,

those with the tried and true picture

breaks. Another example from the field:

SL: You enter the tavern and

welcomes the warmth and the

Smell of tobacco and food.

The Landlord ...

Player 1: Yeah, okay. I sit down and

order a round of beer and what

~ 7 ~

there is always something to eat. How much

does it cost?

SL: Wait ... The Host is a

stocky guy, barely two

Meters tall and with a couple

gray streaks in the beard. His

bare arms are fat as young

Trees and with a zigzag

pattern of old scars covered.

Above the counter hangs a massive

term broadsword on the wall

jagged but well oiled. your

noticed that the giant you and

your guns suspicious and

with apparent discomfort

falling eyes.

And suddenly everything looks very different.

Instead of the good citizen behind the counter,

the diligent beer and roast

serves up, there is an ex-soldier who is in

surely the one or the other in his life

stirred up another group of adventurers.

Simple mood elements like scars

and an old broadsword reach in

in this case, you don't have to

work out in which army and in

what wars the man has fought.

Such details can be filled in, if

the PCs get closer to the character

should deal. Depending on

which players and which characters in

of the group can be made up of such

Edge phenomena, allies, enemies

or become a client if you have the

Has the courage to make it interesting.

Of course you don't have to be convulsive

try to reinvent the wheel everywhere

- not under every hat also has a pocket

Rabbits. But sometimes pull

unusual NSCs the players

safe ground underfoot and

pique their interest. One is surprised

himself often by how much

a newly created NSCs to my heart

grow, and with how much zeal you get them

plays. Natural works, especially for newbies

behind the screen, the sheer bulk of the

NSCIt's a deterrent at first, but you

not every encounter has to be one

stretch for hours of scene. Thinks

once after how many people look at you

be noticed one day. The operation in

Café, or the bus driver? All of these people

one hardly notices. But on everyone

Day there are one or two encounters

that stay in your memory. And it is

one of the most rewarding tasks of the

Game Master, this experience for the players

to readjust. So we want out of clichés

break out and NSCs create over that

one thinks. What brings us to

Think? Opposites, for example.

Opposites make you interesting. A woman,

who dresses like a man and so too

talks, gets our attention because

she does not behave as we do from her

expect. A gigantic warrior who lives in

reads a book of poetry, draws as well

our looks, and brings

the players themselves to their own

Spin version of the story. With

one can play with these opposites.

Let's just take a priest.

Usually priests are in fantasy

Role play humble, wise and calm.

But let's break open this picture.

How would a boastful priest be

Act? How would a disgusting priest

speak? How would a terrifying one

Act priest? If he is so quiet otherwise

Cowl bearer suddenly flared up because of a

SC curses blasphemously, or if one

Consecrated constantly one in healing

oozing boils, then become scratches

even incidental scenes become unforgettable

Experiences. And thereby

have this NSCs neither a name

another story.

We have now taken the first steps

to be believable NSCs to create. We

clichés don't always have to tolerate, but

to break with them we can look forward to

also not afford the duration. Let's play

rather with them. Are character stories

another element that one NSC

Gives depth. The ordinary NSC out

the encounter table has none

Character story. That would also be too much

good when suddenly every grocer

started talking about his family. And

~ 8 ~

surely no player character wants from

Descendants of the orcs, muggers

and dark dwarfs who are persecuted

want to avenge the death of their parents.

Of course it's a nice idea, and one

good hanger for an adventure or

even a whole campaign. But one

it shouldn't become a habit

leave it, otherwise you lose the overview

over all the enemies in the world

roam around and on their opportunity

waiting. Let's take another look at

our players:

SL: The goblins are all dead or

fled. Do not lie to you

less than eleven bodies in the grass.

Breathing hard, you put yours

Arms away.

Player 2: Well then, I'll find mine

Booty together. Payday!

SL: Okay. You ransack them

bloody body and finds a

couple of knives, the armament

and clothes of the goblins,

rancid meat as provisions and

a few small bone figures,

the one horned god or something

represent something. A similar

Sign can be found on the

Shields of the Goblins.

And again a simple trick is used to

the goblins by numbers on the encounter table

to interesting creatures

close. Instead of an individual

The goblins have a history

get a collective background. Whether you

to a clan, a cult or to one

belong to powerful black magicians is on

this point does not matter at first. But

level simple encounters like this one

sometimes the ground for later adventures.

Then the players remember that

Battle and the symbols of the goblins

and suddenly these are simple NSCs

seamlessly inserted into the story

instead of only in the experience point balance

to show up. That is only

an example of how to stand out from his

NSCs can be inspired. It came in

my game rounds more than once,

that from small scenes like this own

Stories and adventures emerged.

And not infrequently it was my players

who put the stone in with their reflections

Brought roles.

Important NSCTo create s is so to speak

the supreme discipline of the game leader existence.

The nameless mercenaries from the first

Example deserves a name and a

Story like his fellown. he

doesn't have to be a prince in disguise who

a rat tail to enemies and

Allies. It is often enough

yes, if you look in simple dimensions

thinks. Background stories

can often be broken down into simple sentences.

Let's put it this way:

- Alberon, the mercenary, is one

deserted soldier, his

Slain his superiors while drunk.

- Bertram, the mercenary, is eightfold

Father, married three times and one

notorious philanderer.

- Childerich, the mercenary, is the son

of the high priest of Ethelmar and

staunch atheist.

Three sentences, three stories. And each

sometimes the mercenary is someone else. Alberon is

silent and probably remorseful.

He doesn't touch a drop any more, and

thinks twice about his sword

pulls. Bertram is a bully

silver tongue. He lies with the PCs

Stories of his conquests in the

Ears, and is regularly of

Vengeful ex-wives fleeced.

Childerich is pragmatic, maybe yes

nihilistic. He rejects divine commandments

categorically and implicates religious PCs

in disputes. But all three

Stories have one thing in common: The

NSC does not fit neatly into the group

a. It creates through its background

and its essence conflict and tension.

That nameless something, that well-behaved

The SC carries backpacks and regularly

~ 9 ~

is forgotten does not achieve this effect.

The Deserter on the run, the hapless one

Don Juan or the existentialist

Battlefield philosophy is earlier or

later with one of his fellow travelers

Conversation advised. And if the

Player sometimes about theirs NSC to annoy

all the better! That proves he

Made an impression. But you have to

now read Nietzsche or Sartre to

To be able to embody Childerich?

Not at all. Nobody asks for one

perfect derivation of the motifs of the

Character. If the players are on the

next game night still on hers

NSC remember when they are happy

or annoyed that he is part of the party,

then this is a good start. Just