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10 motivational videos for triathletes - triathlon is so great

You probably know that too: when the alarm goes off in the morning, the bed is sometimes just too comfortable. The weather outside is gross and cold and because it's the weekend there is really no reason to go straight to the sport.

In moments like this you have probably already postponed a training session.

It is not uncommon for us to postpone such a unit all day and, if things go very badly, it fails in the end.

On some days it is difficult for us triathletes to be 100% disciplined.

And honestly, days like that are okay too.

It can't go super well and be easy to go to workout every day.

But sometimes it still has to be.

We always have a few motivational videos saved for days like this.

You can take a leisurely look at it, but you get a good helping of motivation.

After two videos at the latest, it will look different with your own training.

And so that you don't have to do without this boost of motivation in your everyday training, I have put together 10 really good motivational videos for triathletes.

Take a look, get up, go to work out! - Triathlon is so great!

The article content for you at a glance:

Larger than life

And we're about to start with a blast.

The trailer for the ITU Hamburg Triathlon is from 2014, but it still has a lot of fire.

ITU WTS Hamburg 2014 from PLAN P on Vimeo.

You don't have to jump into old age because of that.

Attacking the training with full vigor is now absolutely appropriate.

Till i Colapse

Hamburg and the Alster are not your thing?

Are you more into hip-hop and need a few tough words with strong images?

Then this motivational video should chase you out of your armchair and push you to training.

Perhaps you should now make sure that you can still run after training!


Or are you more into good, old techno, which immediately sets you in motion thanks to its speed?

Do you need a fast beat to get going?

Then we recommend this good piece of illustrated motivation.

Let's go, give it your all in training and enjoy it.


Or are you a fan of electronic music, but prefer it a little quieter?

Then of course we have the right video for you too.

Let yourself be enchanted and motivated.

Triathlon, and of course the training for it, can be so nice.

The only way I know

Of course, these aren't the only two styles of music used in motivational videos for triathletes.

We have also included a video for the rock group in the list.

Only the tough come into the garden!

Pain is temporary

Guitar sound is not enough for you yet?

Do you need more? A harder motivational kick than that?

Then let yourself be impressed:

Rocky knows what he's talking about!

Anything is possible

Of course, Ironman also has a suitable video ready.

This was not necessarily produced as a motivational video, but it works wonderfully to ignite the triathlon fire in you.

As we wrote this list, we really had to stick to the desk instead of starting the next session.

Hall of Fame.

International triathlon

When you're lying in bed or sitting on the couch at home so unmotivated, you sometimes ask yourself who is so crazy and who does three sports at once!

We can easily answer the question for you:

Crazy people all over the world.

But see for yourself:

Another video from the ITU that really arouses the desire for triathlon.

Breaking barries

Granted, this video gets a bit extreme.

But extreme reluctance sometimes requires extreme motivation.

So only watch this video in an absolute emergency.

Road to podium

With this video we have reached one of our absolute highlights.

But what can motivate you more than the idea of ​​being able to train in Hawaii all year round?

And would love to train with the triathlete on such a beautiful South Sea island.

Isn't that the dream?

No matter what is on the training plan now: get up and go training!

In addition to motivational videos, we also haveMotivation tips for you.

There is also in this article and on this page and on this side still countless motivational sayings.

There is also a list of the most motivating triathlon films for you.

Or would you prefer a book for triathletes?

Then take a look at our list of books here.

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