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Old part of the Opladen settlement.
The name suggests an old part of the settlement of Opladen, which, in contrast to the Neustadt on the Rosenhügel (railway and civil servants' settlement), has grown historically.
The Altstadtstr. has no traffic significance. It - popularly called the "ahle Dorp" - was a more agriculturally and artisanal area. Important buildings are and were the prison and the synagogue.
Because of the prison, it used to be called the longest street in Opladen: It took months to get through (with a detour through the prison).
Altstadtstrasse (1984) in the amount of the company Wöllenstein The half-timbered house on the left side of the photo belonged to the "Piefe-Müller", who was for decades the trucking for the company Stiel, building materials. The house next to it, in the direction of Münzstr. was the grocery store "Kleinschmidt" and existed from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.
Alstadtstrasse Corner of An der Luisenburg These are the houses of the Römer factory at that time. This is where the masters lived. The Altstadtstr. was not fortified at the time (1910/11). The Römer company switched from horse-drawn vehicle to car operation around 1907. For this reason, the Römer company had the road paved. On the far left the building contained apartments for workers. The little house in front was the wash house for all the houses. The square in front of the workers' apartments on today's Bonner Strasse served the children as a playground (today the front garden), which testifies to the remarkable social attitude of the manufacturer Römer.
The building used to belong to Theuser, but it was demolished, then next to Neveling
Formerly Hotel Stevens, later a Greek restaurant (1989/90)
Lower part of Altstadtstr. already paved (1930). On the right in the picture the Wöllenstein house, at the time of the photo it was still owned by the Mühlstroh haulage company.
1914/15 Schweisberg economy
The street Altstadtstraße is a residential street, the main thoroughfare with mainly urban traffic significance
In 1904 the street in Altstadtstr. renamed. In 1928 it was moved from Bismarckstr. extended to the Wupper.
The Altstadtstrasse begins at the Luisenburg and ends at the intersection of Kölner Str./Düsseldorfer Str./Gerichtsstrasse .. There are the following secondary streets: Max-Holthausen-Platz, Steinstrasse, Auestrasse, Münzstrasse, Schöllerstrasse, Lessingstrasse, Kämpchenstrasse and In der Höhle.
The zip code is 51379
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Mezza Notte
Street sign Altstadtstr.
Former prison before demolition

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28.04.2010: Altstadtstrasse 16 under construction
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23.11.2008: former prison
23.11.2008: former prison
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23.11.2008: Wöllenstein building
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00.00.0000: Altstadtstrasse
00.00.0000: Altstadtstrasse
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00.00.0000: Altstadtstr.
00.00.0000: Altstadtstr.
00.00.0000: Altstadtstr.
00.00.0000: Altstadtstr.
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00.00.0000: Altstadtstr.
00.00.0000: Altstadtstr.
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00.00.0000: Synagogue, memorial stone
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