How many parking tickets do you have

You can have as many tickets before the rag is gone

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From: Juliane Gutmann

Another ticket? Public order offices have no mercy on parking offenders. © picture alliance / dpa / Sebastian Gollnow

Especially when the fine is likely to be lower than the cost of the parking ticket, many have a supposedly brilliant idea: risk a ticket. But that can end fatally.

Paying parking fees or hoping for the good luck that the policewoman won't get past the car: Many people regularly face this delicate question. The adrenaline junkies among us opt for the latter option - a little adventure in the otherwise more routine everyday life, what are the consequences, apart from a considerable collection of dumplings on the kitchen table?

Always parked incorrectly - when the driver's license threatens to be withdrawn

You don't get a point in Flensburg if you have received a parking ticket for wrong parking. But there are exceptions: Traffic cops are no joke with blocked escape routes and fire service entrances. Even those who block emergency vehicles must expect a fine of 60 euros and one point in Flensburg. If eight points are achieved in Flensburg, the driver's license is withdrawn. "Points in Flensburg" means the German point system, which regulates road traffic violations as a set of rules in driving license law.

But even if you are not a point collector, your driver's license can be confiscated under special circumstances. Namely, if you repeatedly park incorrectly over a long period of time. Anyone who only collects parking tickets can be summoned to the medical-psychological examination (MPU)as the picture warns. Anyone who refuses or fails this test - also known as the idiot test - can have their driver's license withdrawn.

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Vehicle owners will be prosecuted - regardless of who parked incorrectly

Wasn't it your fault? Does your son or wife regularly park incorrectly? This does not matter before the law, the registered vehicle owner is always liable. So the picture lists a wrongdoer who Collected 83 tickets in just two years Has. His driving license was revoked for failing to comply with a prescribed MPU. His argument that his wife had often parked incorrectly was rejected in court.

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A 37-year-old has accumulated an incredible 373 penalty points in Flensburg. The man faces a prison sentence after being caught in the act.