Intermittent fasting helps with skin diseases

In both forms of cancer - ALL and AML - the cells remain in an immature state and can of course no longer perform helpful tasks. Nevertheless, they multiply in an uncontrolled manner and displace healthy cells from the body. The result is anemia and frequent infections. The diseased cells also migrate into healthy tissue, which of course leads to massive problems.

Intermittent fasting - and the cancer cells go away

If intermittent fasting is now used in ALL, then this can completely inhibit the development of cancer (at least in the mouse model). Intermittent fasting was carried out as follows: eating alternately on one day and fasting on the next. So there was something to eat on the first day, not on the second, ate on the third, fasted on the fourth and so on.

After seven weeks, the fasting mice had almost no cancer cells left in their bodies. In the group of non-fasting mice, the cancer was advanced, so that 68 percent of the cells in the test areas were now cancerous.

In the fasting group, the organs were in a condition that is typical of healthy animals. The few remaining cancer cells no longer behaved like cancer cells, but suddenly like healthy and active cells again. So they had turned into healthy cells, "said Professor Zhang.

The next step is to find out whether the cancer cells will eventually be able to get used to fasting, which of course would make fasting ineffective. But if there is no such habituation effect, intermittent fasting in ALL would be a measure worth considering! Because in the present study no drugs were used. Intermittent fasting alone destroyed the cancer cells - without any undesirable side effects.

You can find detailed information on intermittent fasting here: Intermittent fasting - the healthy eating rhythm

Therapeutic fasting or intermittent fasting?

Perhaps you would prefer to practice traditional therapeutic fasting. Of course, this is no less effective than intermittent fasting. On the contrary. Therapeutic fasting leads to amazing changes in body and mind. It's just not that easy to implement. In the case of some complaints, it is also best to only do it in the company of a fasting doctor or fasting leader.

Therapeutic fasting is carried out once or twice a year, usually in spring and then a second time after the annual summer vacation. The pure fasting rarely lasts longer than a week. Before that, the relief days and after breaking the fast, the rebuilding days take place, so that a total of two weeks should be included for the therapeutic fasting.

Further information on therapeutic fasting and instructions for fasting according to Buchinger can be found here: Therapeutic fasting - a path to healing


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