Why doesn't my iPhone alarm always work

iPad / iPhone iPhone alarm clock does not ring - what to do?


It can end up badly: You have set an alarm time on your iPhone, but the alarm clock simply stays silent the next morning - and you oversleep. If this problem persists, the following tips can help you get the iPhone alarm clock ringing again.

iPhone alarm clock does not ring - that helps

1. Check sound settings

First of all, make sure that the alarm volume is loud enough to wake you up. To do this, go to the iPhone settings and tap "Sounds". The slider under"Ringtones and advisory tones " should be set so loud that you can actually hear the alarm clock.

2. Alarm tone set?

If everything is right with the volume, you should see whether you have actually set an alarm tone. If you forget to select a tone, the alarm clock will remain silent. So go to yours Alarm times and tap "To edit". Then select the one in question Alarm time at. Is here next to "volume"" without ", you still have to define a ringtone. To do this, tap on the appropriate option and select one Ringtone and then tap on "back". Finally save your settings via"To back up" top right.

3. Restart the iPhone

Before taking any more time-consuming steps, do a simple restart of your iPhone. Read here how to restart your iPhone via a soft reset.

4. Update iOS version

In order for the iPhone to function properly, the software should always be up to date. You can check whether you have the latest iOS version installed in the settings. Go there on "Generally"and then on"Software update". If a new update is available, tap"Download and install".


5. Deactivate bedtime

If you use the iPhone function "bedtime"activated, you will only be woken up with the alarm clock set there. If another alarm clock falls during your" bedtime ", it will not always start. Deactivate bedtime if you want to be woken up at a different time.


6. Do not disturb instead of silent

Sometimes the alarm clock may not go off when the iPhone is on mute. As a workaround, it is better to use the Do not disturb function use. The quickest way to activate this is via the control center. From there, tap the moon. No more incoming messages will then sound, but the alarm clock should still ring.

7. Uninstall other alarm clock apps

If you have installed a third-party alarm clock app on your iPhone, you should delete it and test whether the iPhone alarm clock rings again. In this post we will explain how to delete apps from the iPhone.

8. Reset iPhone

If none of the above tips work and the alarm still doesn't go off, all that's left is to do a factory reset on the iPhone. In this guide we will show you how to reset your iPhone to factory settings. If the alarm remains silent after this, please contact Apple Support.