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Only the best is good enough for children

The traditional German company was founded by Margarete Steiff. When she opened a felt and clothing store in 1877, a pin cushion brought her the greatest success to date: the little felt elephant Elefäntle was so successful that it quickly became a popular children's toy. She later even developed the first teddy bear, which was named after the American President Theodor Roosevelt. It was with him that the first stuffed Steiff cuddly toy was created. Although the toy range has grown steadily over the past 100 years, the Steiff teddy has remained the most important and best-known symbol. It also adorns the high-quality baby and children's clothing.

Steiff - the stuffed animal with the button in the ear

Everyone knows them, everyone loves them - the high-quality cuddly toys and teddy bears from Steiff, all of which have the well-known "button in the ear". The current range from Steiff includes cuddly toys from all animal worlds, baby toys, high-quality children's fashion and accessories. Whether it's the Steiff teddy bear or the Steiff cuddly toy, everyone in the Steiff assortment will surely find a friend for a long time, and thus for life, in the Steiff range. The Steiff teddy bears and cuddly toys are characterized above all by their particularly high-quality workmanship, great attention to detail and the associated high longevity. For many collectors in particular, the changing theme worlds are a great passion and arouse a certain desire, especially among teddy bears. In addition, studio animals for photo and film recordings are manufactured and sold by Steiff.

Steiff - Offers more than world-famous cuddly toys