Why does Spider Man use web shooters

Why doesn't the Amazing Spider-Man have the natural power to shoot web?

First, Spider-Man in Comics doesn't have organic webs in the startup phase. Later in the comics franchise, he got Organic Web.

In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, he doesn't follow the actual Spider-Man comic book story and skips the thing with the artificial web shooters and even skips the main characters like Gwen Stacy. So you can say that the director / writer has to decide which aspects to capture from the original content or not.

Here is a description of his main powers from origin to now in the main universe of Marvel Comics -

Original skills

When Peter Parker was bitten by a fatally irradiated spider, radioactive mutagenic enzymes in the spider's venom quickly caused numerous body-wide changes. Immediately after the bite, it was given its original powers: above all superhuman strength, reflexes and balance; the ability to adhere tenaciously to most surfaces; and an unconscious precognitive sense of danger that he called "spider feeling".

Additional skills

Spider-Man's web shooters were perhaps its most standout feature after its costume. Peter had argued that a spider (even a human one) needed a web. Since the radioactive spider bite did not initially give him the strength to spin webs, he had instead found a way to make them artificially. The wrist-mounted devices fire an adhesive "webbing".

Bio lanes

In the "Disassembled" story, Parker undergoes a transformation that results in the ability to produce organic weaving fluid from his wrists and being able to fire his webbing in the same way as his artificial web shooters. According to the new 2007 Spider-Man manual, Parker has grown spinnerets in his forearms that terminate in tiny pores at the junction of his wrists. By pressing on his palm with his middle fingers, the pores open and the spinnerets expel the organic liquid with a force equal to or greater than that of his web shooters.

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Incidentally, Sam Raimi's script is inspired by James Cameron's script, which took up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganic web shooters for Stevens' Failed Script.Many scripts have been written for the Spider-Men since 1985.But James Cameron's script received the most attention and became the basis of the 2002 film.[Source]

But The Amazing Spider-Man from 2012 follows a similar path as the comics and they choose the artificial web shooter for their film to establish Peter Parker as a genius scientist.

Joshua Drake

The only thing I want to add is that the invented web shooters go further to point out Peter Parker's intelligence. Not only is he a guy with spider skills, he's a talented scientist / engineer himself.

Joshua Drake

I also wonder if originally they just didn't want to deal with the fact that most spiders spin their webs from the lower abdomen ...

Ankit Sharma

By the way, Peter Parker is not supposed to be intelligent, but rather to change in the later stories as a scientist


@JoshuaDrake: I think you're right, and that focus is necessary in The Amazing Spiderman because Tony Stark's Peter wore the Spiderman suit receives , while he is also generally portrayed as a somewhat awkward character (more weird than in the Raimi films). Without the web shooters, viewers might assume that Peter is not fit to be a (super) hero other than that he's lucky with that radioactive spider bite.