Which indicator is more effective for the intraday?

The best source codes in MQL4 and MQL5 according to customer ranking - 32

BB Stops, which uses the RSI to calculate stops.

The shows the standard deviation of the difference between the highs and lows.

The semaphore signal indicator with the use of the StochasticDiff indicator code.

The semaphore signal indicator, which fixes in the form of the change signals of the movements from the smoothing indicator Detrended_Price_Oscillator.

Script for drawing price markers.

MACD histogram drawn on the difference between two digital filters.

A colored fan of the moving averages.

Show remaining minutes and seconds before a new candle appears.

A trading strategy based on the indicators iAMA (Adaptive Moving Average, AMA) and iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI). Martingale is used.

This version of the QQE uses the Velocity indicator to determine trends.

An Expert Advisor based on the iMA (Moving Average, MA).

Two identical trading systems based on the signals from SilverTrend, which can be configured differently in one and the same Expert Advisor.

The XMA_Divergence indicator with the option to change time frames in the input parameters.

The indicator ColorXDeMarker_Histogram with the possibility of changing the time frame of the indicator in the input parameters.