When I can use it is up to me

Use of dative and accusative

cancel - the manager has to the client cancel the appointment.

resemble - the baby resembles the father very.

answer - please answer me fast!

meet - Are you already Mr Müller, the boss, encountered?

command - The general commands the soldier to stand still.

stand by - don't worry, I stand to you during the operation.

join - Would you like to join our charity to join?

thank - I thank my family for understanding.

serve - what can I do them serve?

threaten - the criminal has the millionaire threatened.

come up - on this topic comes up the author much a.

come towards me - tell me when you are leaving. I'm coming to you halfway towards it.

absence - Mrs. Meier miss her runaway dog ​​so much.

follow - please follow the Lord with the yellow flag in hand.

liked - like it to you here in Austria?

obey - My children obey me never again.

belong - Whom does the car belong in the driveway?

succeed - Paul hopes that him pass the driving test.

enough - thank you, that's enough the commission.

believe - so believe me yes, that I am telling the truth!

congratulate - Aunt Sibylle congratulates her grandma for the 105th birthday.

do well - a holiday by the sea does you the patient Well.

help - I can them help?

displeased - dad, why displeased to you any of my friends?

fail - oh dear, now is the cook the cake failed again!

approach - the tiger is approaching his victim fast.

run after - the children run the ball gladly after.

use - that is useful me but nothing!

fit - the shirt fits Elsa no more. She got too fat.

happen - how could to you that just happen?

advise - the doctor did my grandpa advised to go to the hospital.

harm yourself - you harm to youif you smoke any longer!

taste - chocolate tastes good the children especially good.

trust - Paula trusts her friend more than her mother.

forgive - forgive me You're welcome!

hurt - The child the stomach hurts.

dodge - the drunk driver could the tree no longer evade.

contradict - contradict your mother not always!

listen - the students should the teacher always listen.