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Quick-witted answers: brilliantly counter stupid sayings

There are people who never miss an opportunity to show off to others. They use embarrassing moments in which an accident happens to you for stupid comments. Who doesn't want quick-witted answers then? Unfortunately, we only think of the best replies afterwards. Never mind. Because repartee can be practiced and trained. We'll show you 7 techniques you can use to counter stupid sayings ingeniously ...

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Quick-wittedness: How do I answer quick-witted?

Everyone knows such situations: someone is trying to lure you out of your reserves with a stupid saying or a bold question. Now the ball is in your playing field. Not reacting is like consent. So how do you react, counter, respond quickly?

Marks reparteethat someone is able to react quickly, wittily and humorously to a verbal attack. First and foremost, this requires self-confidence. Don't be intimidated or offended now. That doesn't just seem unsupervant. It is what the attacker wants: You submit to the role of victim - and make yourself vulnerable again. That is why a clear edge and demarcation are extremely important now. Make it clear to the other person that you will not tolerate this behavior.

Practice quick-witted answers

Very few are gifted with quick-wittedness. But: quick-witted answers are wonderful to practice. For example, by preparing yourself for appropriate situations and thinking in advance what someone might say and how you will react to them. Your reply should ALWAYS contain a dash of humor. For two reasons:

  • serenity
    Whoever shoots back from full barrel looks much less sovereign. In the worst case, you signal to the attacker that you hit the mark with his verbal attack. Motto: Only dogs that are hit bark.
  • appropriateness
    Too strong a resistance is difficult if the attacker is a manager or a business partner. That could put a strain on the relationship. Also, not every tip deserves to be brought up heavy artillery. Some colleagues just like to fool one another.

With humor you can make your point of view clear and still show that you take it all in a sporty, relaxed way.

Countering cleverly: 7 techniques of reciprocation

There are several techniques that you should know and master for quick-witted answers. Some experts advise not to react verbally to obvious nonsense in the first place. Instead, you should keep the other silent at most with a raised eyebrow. You can do it. But you don't just need the necessary composure for this. Many an attacker is not intimidated by this at all. Even more: he interprets your lack of words as a spiritual weakness - and carries on.

In such cases, only confident body language and facial expressions as well as the following techniques for quick-witted answers help:

1. Consent

You pick up what the other person is saying and give the whole thing the desired twist. Example:

  • Stupid saying: "Are you stupid?"
  • Quick-witted answer: "Exactly, and that makes me very well qualified for this company!"

2. Translation

You repeat what has been said in your words, thereby giving it a phrase that is convenient for you so that you can respond from there. Example:

  • Stupid saying: "You still have a lot to learn."
  • Quick-witted answer: “You mean that the subject is demanding? Yes, I noticed. So I got in touch with other experts and came to the conclusion that we should proceed as follows ... "

3. Counterattack

The return coach pays back with the same coin. What is somewhat helplessly countered with “self” in children must of course be formulated a little more pointedly. A crutch for this is provided by formulations with "rather ... than ...". Example:

  • Stupid saying: "Well, you've gained a lot lately."
  • Quick-witted answer: "Better a few more curves than a bleak life like yours."

4. Reinterpretation

They just understand something contrary to its original meaning and redefine it. Example:

  • Stupid saying: "That is completely absurd!"
  • Quick-witted answer: "If absurd means that a new, creative approach is being explained here, I can only agree."

5. Counter question

There are two options here. You can actually stay on the factual level and clarify something by asking, or you can question the attacker's motivation and in this way expose him - for example in a meeting in front of others. Example:

  • Stupid saying: "That's incomprehensible nonsense!"
  • Quick-witted answer: “What exactly did you not understand about it? Can you be more specific? Is this still about the matter or is it more about your personal difficulties with the customer? "

6. Exaggeration

It's similar to consent and you go one step further. Example:

  • Stupid saying: "Your desk is a complete disaster!"
  • Quick-witted answer: "Do you think ...? Find? Well, then you should first see my apartment! "

7. Irritation

If you cannot convince the other person, confuse them. To do this, you resort to popular idioms and recast them. While the other person is still thinking about what you might mean, move on to the next point of the day. Example:

  • Stupid saying: "Do you always take that long?"
  • Quick-witted answer: "The jug goes to the well until it is warm!"

Quick-witted answers for women

Generalizations and homicide arguments are stupid and unjust. Either whole professional groups are defamed, the origin or other distinguishing features are targeted. Motto: "typically Ossi / Wessi", "typically man / woman", "typically German" ... Stupid sayings in which others are told their gender are nothing other than sexism. A reasonable answer is hardly possible in such cases. But it doesn't have to.

The best way to respond to generalizations: Take this literally! Especially when it goes below the belt or becomes otherwise insulting, you should use this technique to reduce it to absurdity and throw it off. Here, too, you have various options for quick-witted answers:

  • Directness

    Address the insult by saying that the person you are speaking to has made the wrong choice of words. In doing so, you expose him as the perpetrator: "I find your choice of words completely inappropriate and forbid myself to use such a tone."

  • Factual level

    You expose your counterpart in the same way if you make it clear that different levels are mixed up: “I cannot see what that has to do with my gender (my origin, my education). Let's stay matter-of-fact. "

  • irony

    If you react ironically or sarcastically, you are ridiculing the attacker: “Wow, the insult was almost intelligent. Practice a little more and it might be fun. "

  • deafness

    Pretend you haven't heard the other person and ask them to repeat. Most verbal attacks thrive on surprise. Repetition fizzles out the effect - and they become silly. You are also signaling how indifferent you are to the comment: “Did you say something? Can you repeat that? I did not listen."

Quick-witted answers and snappy counter-statements

Pretty much everyone wishes to verbally parry colleague attacks with quick-witted counter-statements. So that you do not stand on the hose the next time, you will find a colorful hodgepodge of more than 20 funny to snappy counter-statements and quick-witted answers below. Here is a foretaste - the rest will follow if you click on "Read more" below ...

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