Who came up with the simulation theory?

Elon Musk: We are already living in a computer simulation

At the Code Conference of the US publisher Vox Media, a viewer asks the billionaire how high he assesses the chance that we will only exist in a simulation - like in the Matrix.

One in several billion chance that we are real

A question that Musk has been pondering about for a long time, according to his own statements, his answer is correspondingly detailed: “40 years ago we had pong - two bars and a point. That's where we started. 40 years later, we have photorealistic 3D simulations that are used by millions of people at the same time and that are getting better every year. Virtual and augmented reality will be added soon. "

Since the graphics are getting better and better, it is only a matter of time before the virtual reality can no longer be distinguished from the known reality, argues Musk.

And he apparently assumes that such ultra-realistic applications are already running on billions of computers of the future and simulate our existence - hence his estimate that the chance is only one in several billion that we are actually in the original reality.

Incidentally, he sees his assumption as a positive sign: The fact that our simulation exists must mean that humanity will continue to exist for a long time, otherwise the necessary level of high technology would not have been achieved in the first place.

Musk did not come up with the “simulation theory” himself, however, it is part of many sci-fi works and is even discussed in physics.


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