Is that a good sponsorship letter

The sponsor cover letter - what do you need and what do you have to pay attention to?


In our last blog post about sponsorship, we explained what exactly sponsorship is, what the difference is between sponsorship and car advertising with Wrapclub, and what to look out for when looking for sponsors. In the second step, we would like to bring you closer to what a cover letter for the search for sponsors should look like and what content is important. At the end of our entry you will also find a free download of a sample sponsor letter.



Why do I need a sponsor cover letter?


The sponsor cover letter is the first introduction that a potential sponsor gets from you and should be prepared with the appropriate care. It may be your ticket to a company, access to a sponsor. But you don't want to sell a whole sponsorship package, you just want to make a good first impression on the potential sponsor. Your goal is to arouse interest and lead the possible sponsor to your sponsor presentation.

If you are looking for a sponsor and write to different companies about a possible sponsorship partnership, the process is comparable to an application. When applying, you always need a good cover letter, so it is also an advantage to have a well-thought-out sponsor cover letter when acquiring sponsors.



How do I create a sponsor cover letter?



Language and writing style


With a cover letter to sponsors, you are always in the business world. You should pay attention to this when creating your sponsorship letter. The cover letter should inspire and inform the potential sponsor, but still be professional. It is therefore important that you always use correct spelling and grammar and a well-groomed, serious style of language.



Format of sponsor letter and content


A sponsor letter can be sent by email or letter. In both cases, you should follow these guidelines:


  • Do not write more than one A4 page, too much content scares off your potential sponsor
  • Use a legible and common font (e.g. Arial, Calibri)
  • The font size should not be too small, ideally size 11 or 12
  • Use 1.5 line spacing
  • Create a meaningful, short subject line
  • Always include the details of the potential sponsor: name of the company, contact person, address
  • Always try to design the sponsor's cover letter individually and tailored to the sponsor by addressing the contact person personally
  • Make sure the date is current
  • Include a greeting and signature


For letters:

  • Include a header with your contact details and your logo


For emails:

  • Create a professional signature with your contact details, this replaces the signature in emails


As promised, you can download a sample email for a sponsorship letter to possible sponsors here for free: Sponsoren_Anschreiben



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