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You may only send electronic direct mail to those individuals and companies who not in the ECG list appear.

  • Every company is therefore legally obliged to remove those e-mail addresses that appear in the ECG list from its mailing lists.

  • With the quick online cleanup of ECG-Liste.at you can check your mailing lists by email within a few minutes compare with the Austrian ECG list and with it all regulations applicable in Austria safe and easy to adhere to.

  • According to the E-Commerce Act, the RTR's ECG list must always be observed: No person in the ECG list may be contacted with direct mail!
    The penalty for violation is up to € 37.000,-.

useful information

The ECG list is kept by RTR. Those persons and companies who do not want to receive advertising e-mails can add themselves to this list free of charge.
You could also call it the "Robinson" list of the digital world. More at onlinesicherheit.gv.at

Because you have better things to do than pass the time with procedures relevant to e-commerce law. Invest your time and money saved in your business. Correct mailing lists are also good for your company's reputation.

  • Your mailing list will be completely cleared of all e-mail addresses found in the RTR's ECG list within a few minutes.

  • You can start cleaning up your mailing lists with just a few clicks. Upon completion, you will receive an in-depth report by email.

  • All information and checks are processed via encrypted and secure connections. The contacts in your mailing lists are processed solely for the purpose of cleaning.

  • The cleaning of smaller mailing lists is free of charge. For larger lists, you can test the service with a free quota and only then decide whether you want to take advantage of the offer for a complete cleanup.

Your question is not listed? No problem! Write to me to get a very individual answer to your question.

  • Yes! Your mailing list is compared directly with the RTR's ECG list in real time. The comparison is always up to date.

  • Yes! The cleaning of the first 1,000 contacts of each mailing list is always free of charge. So if you have fewer than 1,000 contacts in your mailing list, they can be used completely free of charge. Only for larger shipping lists are fees based on the size of your shipping list.

  • The price is calculated individually based on the size of each list. You will see the price immediately after selecting your shipping list.

  • You will of course receive a proper invoice.

  • Payment by credit card (VISA and MasterCard) is currently possible.