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What is a king size bed?

King-size bed

The King-size bed is by its origin an American bed in double bed format. It has a different bed size compared to other beds from Great Britain or Central Europe. In America, such beds are measured and reported in inches. The most common bed frame in America is the king-size bed 76×80what a bed with by European standards 193 × 203 cm corresponds to.

The mattresses of such beds are also measured according to the same pattern, they also have a comparison with European mattresses 46cm a particularly high mattress height. We currently have an average of 16-18 cm, but the trend towards higher mattresses is increasing. The queen-size bed is the smaller counterpart to the king-size bed, it has a size of 152 × 203 cm, which is very spacious for a single person and also offers enough space for two people to sleep. In Great Britain, by the way, a king size bed is another dimension. Here the king bed has a width of 152 cm and a length of 200 cm - corresponds to the US queen-size bed.

How big is a king-size bed in Germany?

As you can see, in America, similar to ours, there is a division between a single bed and a double bed. In this country, a king-size bed is a bed with a minimum width of 180 cm and a length of 200 cm. All beds below are therefore considered to be queen-size beds. Among the single beds, the 140 × 200 bed is particularly popular, while the 180 × 200 bed is the most common choice for the double bed in the bedroom. But the bed 200 × 200 cm is also a real king-size bed!

When it comes to the choice of materials and colors, one is often chosen classic bed frame made of wood lacquered in white (for example, made of oak or beech) or ordered a luxurious box spring and upholstered bed. These are also often made in black, gray, beige, brown and white, but they are also available in many other colors, like red, blue or green. The price depends on the model, but the costs for shipping are always included at!

Special features of king-size beds

In addition to the dimensions, there are also differences in the choice of mattress. With American beds, there is usually one continuous mattress used, also with the king-size beds. In Germany, two separate slatted frames and mattresses are usually used for double beds, making the bed configurable on each side. However, there will also be a continuous slatted frame and a continuous mattress More and more popular. With regard to a French bed, which also has a continuous lying area, we offer you a versatile selection of mattresses and slatted frames up to a width of 200 cm for even more comfort in the bedroom.

Another difference is the structure and accessories of such American beds. The king-size bed in the USA usually has a solid bed frame with a stable base and one XXL spring mattress. In this up to 46cm high mattress are a Innerspring and a Mattress topper already incorporated. American beds are also known in Germany as box spring beds. However, these box spring beds are constructed differently in Europe than in the USA. Box spring beds with a box spring system have been popular in Sweden for several years and are constantly being further developed there. Our box spring bed, as we know it today, therefore comes from the Scandinavian region and is now also known as Scandinavian box spring bed designated. In contrast to the American model, it consists of a box with a spring core, a mattress and a topper. A bed box is usually not available.

The spring core of such king size beds is what makes the mattress on top point elastic. Many small springs enable a targeted pressure equalization and thus ensure a optimal body adaptation. Depending on the spring core, however, the sleeping comfort can vary.

Cheap box spring beds usually only have one Bonell innerspring, while more expensive box spring beds with high-quality spring cores, like with a Pocket spring core, offer better sleeping comfort. In addition, the box with the spring core replaces the function of a slatted frame. The topper rounds off such a box spring system and prevents this Visitor gap between two divided mattresses, at the same time it increases their comfort and functions as a protective mattress topper. Such beds are also called Complete bed because the necessary accessories are already included. They are also available with extras, for example including an adjustable headboard.

More king size beds

In Europe, the king-size bed is not only available as a Box spring bed. For example, there are also upholstered beds without box springs. These offer a wide variety of colors and a noble design and different fabrics such as cotton or synthetic leather. However, classic colors such as white, black and gray are particularly popular. The beautiful colors come out especially on one elaborately designed headboard show off well. By the way, the box spring bed is also a special upholstered bed. Metal beds are recommended for those who value elaborate decorations and a stable design. For nature lovers there are also so-called solid wood beds, these have good climate properties, are antistatic and have antibacterial properties.

No matter which bed type you choose, in the end it all comes down to them Size of bed at. In the Central European region, every bed can be described as a king size that has a minimum width of 180 cm. Since the bed 180 x 200 is one of the most popular double beds in Germany, we would like to recommend the slatted frame 180 × 200 and the mattress 180 × 200. Our specialist advisors will be happy to help you find the right king-size bed. See all king size beds.