Is death like a dreamless sleep

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Dream me the dream of death

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How real death can be in a dream and what questions came to me shortly before death.

That death can be closer than expected is a sad truth. Death is much less a specific point in time than our eternal companion. You can imagine it as an hourglass that is turned and expires on the day we are born.
As soon as they fall asleep they will die.
One of my biggest worries in life is actually death, so it was only a matter of time before I dream about it: I wake up in the hospital bed and the typical smell rises in my nose - disinfectants and the clinic. Everything so typical white. The doctor comes up to me and speaks the words that make my worst fear come true. "I'm sorry, but the next time you fall asleep, you will die".
It sounds strange, but in a dream it seemed so realistic to me. I was scared of dying and began to live my "last" day. In a Kafkaesque way, the next scene that took place was this: I'm sitting next to my big sister on the bus. I am already considerably tired. Actually, I'm ready to sleep at last. My head turns to my sister and I ask her, "Sister, what if I die?" "I don't know" "Will I meet you again someday?" "I don't know" "I'm scared" "I know" - and I fall asleep.

Compared to the morally good life, however, dying and death lose their meaning.
By far I cannot imagine what it is like for a person who is really in the situation to die, but this experience was very one-edged for me and asked me again: What is death? Socrates would argue as follows: Death is not bad, since either death is like a long dreamless sleep, for who does not wish to sleep long. Or it is a trip to another place where you can talk to the other deceased about your life. All this is put into perspective anyway by the fact that dying and death lose their meaning compared to the morally good life. Those who live morally need not worry about death.

According to Plato, in turn, our soul is immortal - infinite in contrast to our physical body. Whatever the correct answer is to all the questions that are burning in us, we will only recognize when the time comes. Our soul is a concept that we cannot presume to understand and yet it is important that we think about it. Probably the most important thing is simply that we don't lose the fun of life because we ask ourselves too many questions about death.

Whatever death might bring, death in my dream ended with the "wasted screen" from GTA V. Luckily there was a respawn and I was able to write this philosophical blog post.