What are the best cars

The best family cars 2021

A family car must ...

  • offer great safety for the driver and front passenger.
  • have a large trunk.
  • be economical in consumption.
  • have a large interior with lots of seats.
  • be cheap to run.
Flexible interior with plenty of space

Owners of family cars attach great importance to a spacious interior. Can there be enough child seats in the car? And can these be easily assembled and disassembled? A variable interior concept is also important. Foldable and movable individual seats can quickly adapt the car to everyday situations. You want to take three friends with you to school? In such situations, you thank the manufacturer for a smart interior concept. Many models inspire their owners with small details, such as an additional interior mirror, sun blinds, additional storage space and folding tables. When the little passengers are busy, the whole family arrives at their destination more relaxed.

No compromise on security

A family car must guarantee uncompromising safety for all occupants. Modern airbag concepts, intelligent assistance systems and convincing driving behavior are required here. The driver's cab is also important. A large front window in conjunction with a raised seating position ensure a good overview while driving. Comfortable seats and a smart assistance system ensure the necessary comfort on long journeys. So the whole family gets to their destination safely.